New Year's 2007



JANUARY. The three Bailey girls started the year in California being awakened at midnight by Royce's sister, Cindee, clanging pots and pans together to welcome in the New Year. A wonderful visit with the family was joyous rejuvenation. Royce was on call, thus at home. They returned to snow in North Carolina, so Jillee and Josee invited friends over to go sledding. They came back from the lower fields soaked to the skin, so decided to go hot tubbing. Being teenagers they thought it would be fun to go back out in the snow in their bare feet and swimsuits to do more sledding. As far as we could tell no frost bite was evident.

Grandma Wolter turned 80 in 2008, so we gave her a big dinner party with lots of friends and music. She is doing very well, health wise, and can still work circles around Judy.

Jillionna and Josianne were asked to play the harp and flute at a friends wedding at Southern Adventist University, outside of Chattanooga, TN. It was a lovely service, long to be remembered. Josee fell in love with Southern and has decided that is where she will be spending the next four years for her college education.

Our teenagers stay very busy with church work, music lessons on piano, harp and flute, youth orchestra, socializing and texting their friends on their cell phones. They usually can be talking to three or four at once.

Royce is enjoying a fabulous Cardiology practice and says he can't think of any job he'd rather be doing. He continues to be involved in Youth leadership at church, and enjoys researching and giving a Health Nugget every month (See Health Nuggets at Judy also helps with the youth department at church and loves sharing music for the Lord.

Royce told a hospital patient he could go home. He said I must check with "She that must be obeyed" first, his wife.

Judy and friends presented a beautiful concert with harp, piano and organ at the church.

FEBRUARY. Jillionna continues to be the harpist for the adult Blue Ridge Orchestra and loves the experience she receives. Both girls were going to audition with Mozart's harp and flute concerto for solo competitions but Jillionna had a go-cart roll over accident causing a significant soft tissue injury on her right hand. Josianne decided to play a solo piece, so she pulled out a flute concerto and won first place with the Asheville Youth Orchestra, first place with the Hendersonville Symphony, and third place with the Carolina Youth Orchestra at Furman University, SC. It was three months before Jillee's hand healed, now she is back harping.

Jillee continues to take harp lessons from Jackie Bartlett, at Appalachian State, Boone, NC.

One of Royce's patients before a stress cardiac nuclear scan said she was, "sprouting feathers." Royce did not understand and then she added, "I'm chicken."

We all enjoyed a weekend of snow skiing with friends and family at Beech Mountain, NC.

ASAP=Always Say A Prayer

Bumper sticker, "Dear Lord, help me to be the person my dog thinks that I am."

Royce's 80 year old patient came in with his walker and said his wife was home bound. The other day he got home and she said she couldn't stay in the house any longer and had to get out. "Where do you want to go?" "Some place expensive." So he took her to the gas station.

Mothers of teens know why animals eat their young.

Royce asked a patient, "How are you feeling? "I'm full of meanness." retorted the patient.

MARCH. The girls continue to play gospel bluegrass with Appalachian Praise Band ( at various churches and events. The sound is so happy and uplifting.

Jillee played harp with the Blue Ridge Orchestra at the Diana Wortham Theater, in Asheville, NC. She played "Corryvreckan" by William Jackson, "Far and Away Suite" by John Williams and "Lord of the Dance" by Ronan Hardiman. Later in the day, Josee received her 3rd place award at Furman University, S.C., Youth Solo Competition for Mozart's "Concerto in D Major "for flute (out of 95 entrants).

Josee is learning how to drive a stick shift. We know to stay off the roads Sunday afternoons. Those in the back seat when Josee is driving have back-of-the-seat face plants.

Josee performed her solo, "Andante for Flute and Orchestra" by Mozart, with the Asheville Youth Orchestra and did a superb job.

Judy, while playing the harp, was asked if a beautiful harp requires a beautiful lady or a beautiful lady requires a beautiful harp.

We did a few upgrades to the house, covered soffits with vinyl instead of painting them again, replaced the tops of leaking chimneys, asphalted the driveway as we gave up on trying to continually repair the cracks in the cement, replaced all appliances in the kitchen, as the repairman said that it was the last time he could fix them. We vowed we would re-do the kitchen, including granite counter tops, after 10 year in this house; so now after 18 years in this house, we have accomplished our goal.

Josee said to her friend Liesse- "Did you bring a bathroom?" Liesse-"No, I left it in my other purse." What sense of humor. Liesse is now Josee's roommate at Southern.

APRIL. Judy and the girls played at the Biltmore house for “The Festival of Flowers,” on the harp, dulcimer and flute. Judy also played with the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble and Rosewood Trio; groups of lovely ladies whom Judy loves and adores.

We still are home schooling, with Josee taking classes at Blue Ridge Community College again. The girls took the ACT this year, and took SAT last year.

"Adventures for Jesus" (ages 4-8) came to ride the horses at the Bailey farm. They also collected eggs from the chickens and were chased by the guinea hens. Of course, Flapjack--Jacky, the donkey, wanted to go home with each one of them, he thinks he is part of every one's family.

Judy says hot flashes are like roasting from the inside out.

Josee was nervous for her youth "Artist of the Year" performance, Mozart's "Concerto in D Major, K413," she said, "people are paying to hear this performance." Judy replied, "Yes, that's what people do when they go hear the symphony." Judy told Josee you have to be nervous productively – focus on music, visualize fingers playing the composition....Don't just pace letting the butterflies in your stomach get the best of you. Later, Judy wondered how do you worry productively? Josee said, "You can't."

MAY. Jillee and Josee performed with the Asheville Youth Symphony at the Folk Arts center, the last performance for them with that orchestra. Jillee started playing in eighth grade with this excellent high school orchestra. They will miss it, but we, the parents, won't miss the every Tuesday night taking the harp to the Asheville Civic Center in all kinds of weather.

We can't believe that our home schooling days are over. Both girls will completed their Senior year this month. They also gave a senior music recital. Jillee on the harp and Josee on the flute-"L'Arlesienne Suite No.2, Menuet" by Bizet; Jillee on the harp played "Concerto in Bb Major, Allegro moderato" by Handel; Josee played the piano "Pictures at an Exhibition, Il Vecchio Castello, La CaBANE SUR DES Pattes De Poule, La Porte des Bohaturs de Kier" by Modest Moussorgsky; both girls on their harps played "Polka in C Major" by Jacques Press; Josee on her harp played "The Harmonious Blacksmith" by Handel; Jillee played the piano "Sonatina Op 13, No 1, Presto" by Dmitri Kabalers; Josee played the flute "Concerto in D Major, Allegro Aperto" by Mozart; a piano duet ended the program, "Poet and Peasant Overture" by Franz van Suppe.

To cheer them on, not only did Grandma and Grandpa Wolter attend the recital, but Gramee and Papa Bailey along with Cindee and her two boys flew out to hear the girls. That same weekend, graduation for the eight senior home schoolers was held in our church. The class shared their vision to light a candle and let their lights shine for Jesus. It was a very moving and inspiring graduation with many saying it was the most spiritual graduation they have ever seen.

8 year old nephew, Christian, in the front row of our church, with the girls cell phone, learned to text message and with his silly putty on the back of the hymnal spelled out the words, "TXT me," and held up the hymnal over his head. A soft giggle rippled through the church.

A Weasel is killing our chickens. Eating their heads off and leaving their body. We have a rat problem at the barn, too.

Josee received a Music scholarship to Southern University. I guess that means she's accepted.

Jillee placed two live crawdads in a friend's bed, with the help from his mother. She also toilet papered his room. She txt Royce saying she got him good, but she knows that she has only a day and half to live.

Josee placed second in her age category for the 5K run at the Biltmore House.

We spent a week at Lake Junaluska Camp meeting (over 1800 people). Judy played the piano for the patriot songs for Memorial Day. Wednesday, Appalachian Praise played for offertory and the Church Youth Group sang (see at, camp meeting, 5/30 Special Music). Judy, Jillee and Josee ran in the 5K at the Lake. Josee came in first for her age group at 25 min and 10 seconds and Judy and Jillee came in second in their category. Judy played the harp and piano for church with the sermon by Lonnie Melashenko, his last at Voice Of Prophecy. Then Judy and Royce left for an outdoor wedding at Warren Wilson College, NC where Judy played the harp. During the prelude a Katydid (Dog-day Cicada) flew down her dress and started buzzing. Judy screamed and with difficulty extracted the buzzing red-eyed, 2 ½ inch long bug. This large winged, singing, long horned grasshopper family insect appears every 17 years here in Western North Carolina. Comments over heard, "The harp music was beautiful, but the bug down her dress was the memory maker."

JUNE. Some of Royce's patients need less salt in their diets, but they are known to still "salt a salt lick."

A dear friend took us waterskiing for Jillee's BD, 19 on the 19th. Jillee said she is too old for birthday parties, so a special male friend invited her to lunch to one of her favorite restaurants. The Bailey family took her out the next day. Funny how four young men showed up to sing happy birthday to her. Royce asks, "What happened to all the girlfriends?" I prayed for patience and the Lord gave me children.

We put the girls and their friends on the front row of church so they won't txt during church. Does anyone have any other ideas? Take the phones away? Then we, the parents, cannot find them!

Family Worship took on a new appearance when the girls present themselves with green face Skin Masks.

A snake shows up in the basement and Jillee's male friend comes to the rescue. OK, it was only a baby, but is WAS a snake.

We experienced a water leak and were forced to turn off the back up water valve, which was also broken. This led us to turn off the well pump, this gave us no water for two days. This did not make us happy.

Jillee and Josee worked in Royce's office as Executive Secretary and Phlebotomist.

-God grades on the cross, not the curve.
-God loves everyone, but probably prefers 'fruits of the spirit' over 'religious nuts'!
-God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.
-He who angers you, controls you!
-If God is your Co-pilot, swap seats!

JULY. We held our annual July 4 party June 29 with 130 potlucking people at our home. It is always so much fun to visit with friends, swim, watch the kids drench each other with hoses, buckets and water balloons and eat all the holiday treats and enjoy the festivities. No fireworks this year, too dry.

Jillee and Josee went to Florida, with the church youth group, for Pastor Mark Finley's Evangelism Training School for the 4th of July weekend. It was a rich blessing.

The girls took a road trip, (while Royce worked), with friends, which are like family, to Niagara Falls, Montreal Canada, New Port Rhode Island, Martha's Vineyard, Philadelphia, The Outer Banks then back home. Each one on the trip stated where they wanted to go, and had never been before, then somehow the mothers worked that wish into reality. It was a trip never to be forgotten. The only glitch was in Philadelphia. While the girls were viewing the Liberty Bell, half of the luggage was stolen out of the car. They decided not to let this slow them down, so off to Walmart they went for tooth brushes, PJ's and swimsuits. The trip went on as planned and they prayed for the thieves who had stolen a Bible, religious CD's, a book on marriage, clothes, back packs...maybe in eternity we will meet the ones who caused us grief. Two days after returning home we helped with Vacation Bible School, which is a must-do every summer.

Judy continued to play for many weddings and joined another musical group "Braidstream" (

Royce spends afternoons off horseback riding with Jillee and Josee. They love to blaze their own trails up the back hills or ride to the little market for a favorite drink.

AUGUST. Josee decided to go to Smart Start at Southern in Collegedale, TN, four hours away (Smart Start is for freshman starting college to get one class out of the way). Judy did not do well with the decision. After crying for a week, she decided to view life through Josee's eyes-new adventures, growing up, independence-coping was somewhat easier. Thank you to all her friends who took her out to lunch and kept her occupied those first few weeks of partial empty nest syndrome. If anyone needs a shoulder to cry on, call Judy. Fortunately, Jillee decided she didn't want to leave home yet to attend college, so she signed up at AB Tech to begin her Freshman year. Both girls have enjoyed their classes. Jillee took a raw cooking class for a month; now she is sharing her learning with us.

-Some minds are like concrete thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.
-Peace starts with a smile..
-We were called to be witnesses, not lawyers or judges
-Be ye fishers of men. You catch them. He'll clean them.
-Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous

SEPTEMBER. We enjoyed a week at Hilton Head with long-time fabulous friends. Here are our favorites: Favorite Food-all of it; Favorite Activity-swimming, bike-riding, flying kites; Favorite Store-The Bargain Box. OK, the shoe department at Belk’s in the mall.

The following weekend Judy and Jillee, along with many of our youth group, went to Southern University, TN for Southern Evangelistic Youth for Christ (SEYC) . The meetings were inspiring and everything went well until Judy had to say good-bye to Josee. It hit her in Sabbath School, when the thought came to her that she would need to say goodbye after church. Tears at that point are not a good sign. Thank you Josee, for being understanding and gentle.

Royce's new partner arrived and hit the office running. We are so blessed to have a strong Christian physician, like Dale Haggman, join Park Ridge Cardiology (PRC). What a joy he and his family are to all of us.

-The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.
-We don't change the message, the message changes us.
-The best mathematical equation I have ever seen:
1 cross + 3 nails= 4 given.

OCTOBER. Josee trained for a triathlon and entered the annual one at Cohutta Springs, GA. She finished with a smile on her face. Right after the triathlon, we headed back to Southern for Josee's first symphony orchestra concert. What a busy day. We are so proud of her. The organizers even put her picture on the promotional poster for next year's triathlon.

The family dug the potatoes from the garden. This will supply us with potatoes for the year. Then Judy washed her dirty clothes with her cell phone still in them. It did not survive nor did her volumes of telephone numbers. If she hasn't called you in a while give her a jingle and include your cell/home number.

Judy's new web site started this month: You can enjoy all the old Christmas letters from years past. We are working on several new harp DVD projects, to be out next year.

Josee went with Southern's Wind Symphony to Centerville and Kettering, Ohio.

Always be yourself. Because: The people that matter, don't mind. And the people that mind, don't matter.

Southern's Symphony Orchestra went to Atlanta, Georgia and played for the First United Methodist Church. It was a memorable experience for Josee. One of her friends had to play piccolo and piano, but the stage was so small, her friend had to maneuver around stands to get to the piano. On her way back, in the climax of a piece, she accidentally hit a stand and over the side it went into a violinist head.. Thankfully they finished the piece, but the winds had a difficult time blowing and laughing at the same time.

11 churches in our area held a joint evangelistic series (Oct. to Nov. 11) by Brian McMahon of Amazing Facts ( Jillee and Josee helped in holding meetings for the 8-12 year olds by giving health talks, sermons, doing music, welcoming, registering, and even being Master of Ceremonies at times. Judy went back and forth between the adults and children's meetings doing music. Judy gave a full harp concert Nov. 1. We all received a spiritual blessing. The Lord is coming soon and we all want to be ready.

And Royce's favorite so far this year. A grenade fell onto a kitchen floor in France, resulting in: linoleum blownapart.

NOVEMBER. Judy's busy harp season began with all the Christmas festivities at The Biltmore House, private parties, accompanying choirs and playing at churches.

Josee went with the Southern Orchestra to 3ABN to record a one hour Christmas program. The first recording at 3ABN Southern's orchestra has done. Josee said, "The set got so much smaller since the last time I recorded here." (The Bailey girls have recorded over 100 songs at 3ABN-mostly for Brenda Walsh's "Kids Time"). She came home for Thanksgiving break exhausted. We hosted our annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner for the 18th year. 85 guests shared in the dinner, then the Bailey girls played music and Royce gave some special holiday readings.

-Don't let your worries get the best of you; remember, Moses started out as a basket case.
-Many folks want to serve God, but only as advisers.
-It is easier to preach ten sermons than it is to live one.
-Opportunity may knock once, but temptation bangs on your front door forever.
-God Himself does not propose to judge a man until he is dead. So why should you?

DECEMBER. Comments from Royce's patients about this year's Christmas picture include: "Why are you sitting on a radiator?" That's Royce's '47 Packard. "Are you going wading through the creek?" When we set the picture up, all we could see through the camera lens was the shoes, so they came off. Royce's patients started asking for their yearly picture the first week in October (many go to Florida for the winter), so the autumn appearance of the picture. We actually did this same picture in 1995 (see and the car is only 10 feet from where it was back then. It still runs, but Royce is allowed to only keep it running, not restore it. It’s a money pit.

Judy again played at "The Cove" (The Billy Graham training center in Black Mountain, NC). Did you know that George Beverly Shea will be 100 years old in Feb. 2009? He's still singing for Jesus.

We enjoyed the traditions of Return to Bethlehem (we are the actors), church socials, and the office Christmas party at our home. Jillee and Josee played harp duets at The Biltmore House for candle light and The Grove Park Inn on Christmas Day. On the 26th, all four of us, went to see Royce's parents, siblings, and nephews, in Ojai, CA.

Thank you family and friends for supporting us with your love and prayers. We thoroughly enjoyed all of your Christmas cards, letters, pictures and treasure each one of you. As we all begin to "tighten our belts" in this economy, let's not forget that the will of God never takes you to where the grace of God will not protect you.

May all the joys of what God has given us, in Christ, be yours this New Year.

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