Judy's musical talents have earned accolades from near and far...

Thank you for including your ministry on the net. I have a number of your CDs. I found your page today for the first time and I am impressed at how the Lord has given you the ability to make a very nice web page. Your brother in Christ,
Ron Freestone, Canberra, Australia

Your new music is beautiful. Your musical talent is a wonderful blessing to many ears! I've been listening to your tapes this morning. They are so relaxing and I love their titles! Wow! You are something!
Jane, Irish Acres Gallery of Antiques, Versailles, KY

This is the best tape ever! It sounds like harp without the thuds and buzzes that some recordings have! I especially enjoyed the selections and all your arrangements and segues. I am definitely envious of such talent! Thanks for sharing your musicianship and personality with all of us.
Joan Johnson, Harpist, SC

Judy's latest CD is lovely and makes such a wonderful Sabbath sound for us!!
Ardyce Koobs, Former Mayor, Loma Linda, CA

Thanks so much for the package which arrived so promptly with the tapes/CDs. I'm taking one over to Mrs. ******* this afternoon. I feel so sorry for her, stricken with arthritis as she is.
Lawrence Geraty, President, La Sierra University, Riverside, CA

I listened to Judy's tape on the way home from Ojai last week and several times since then. It is so relaxing and the music is so beautiful.
Lori Niquette, Oxnard Interiors, Oxnard, CA

I enjoyed your home page so much! It's great to find a Christian harpist with such a wonderful ministry. I've heard some of your music on the radio, but until now didn't know who it was or where to find the recordings. Thank you! Blessed Be the Name!
Carolyn Lott, Harpist, Ft. Worth, TX   Sadly, Carol lost her battle with cancer in 1999

Every time we watch your video tape "Praise the Lord with the Harp" it makes us praise the Lord, as it really honors him. The harp music and scenery are so beautiful. We can certainly see why you have been awarded so many Silver Angel Awards. We loved seeing Jillee and Josee - they are adorable, and their playmates in the video are too. We did miss seeing Royce, but we noted he was very instrumental behind the scenes as Executive Producer.
Bob & Dorthy Eccles, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, oh, thank you. Your music brings so much joy to so many. My computer teacher asked for one more CD to play as they prayed for the Promise Keepers. Our pastor starts his Bible studies with your CD. Sherri Trieble uses your video Sabbath mornings as a timer. When the cows leave, cereal must be finished. When goats and dogs appear, clothes must all be on and ready. Love,
Doralee Bailey, Proud Mother-in-law

Sonja and I enjoy your music very much and the video allows us to have you at our fingertips. Not only is the music in the video beautiful, but the background scenes are very restful. Whoever decided on the country scenes as a backdrop for your music was inspired. I love the country and the out-of-doors, so the video is special to me. Thank you.
Ken Coonley, President, Carolina Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Charlotte, NC

Scintillating and sparkling! Judy's performance and musicianship is outstanding! This is the kind of music that I appreciate - and I know those who are connoisseurs of rich musical performances will cherish this collection. I plan to give them away to my own parents and loved ones for Christmas!
Lonnie Melashenko, Director, The Voice of Prophecy, Newbury Park, CA

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