GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS. 1990 has been an exciting year for the "Bailey Bunch." We have done a little bit of everything at just a little slower pace than in years past. You see, "we" are now "four." Our second child arrived August the 9th with indoor plumbing. Yes, God blessed us with another girl. Her name is Josianne Kayleigh Wolter-Bailey. She is beautiful, strong, and seems to resemble the Wolter side of the family.

JILLIONNA doesn't pay much attention to Josianne but is quite involved with her search and destroy missions every day. She resembles Royce from the word go, so we have nicknamed her Royceionna. She is petite and as charming as they come.

JANUARY saw us return from our annual holiday trip to California with the families. It was exciting to have a six-month-old celebrating Christmas. Jillionna loved all the attention that the extended family gave her and was next to impossible to live with upon returning to North Carolina. She wanted to be in someone's arms nonstop.

MARCH saw us pilgrimage to New Orleans for the American College of Cardiology meetings. Jillionna came with us and was a real trooper as we saw all the sights and walked the cobblestone streets of the French Quarter.

APRIL we had to move (again) to prevent capital gains tax from the California house. Fortunately the Wolters were visiting, so we put them to work hauling boxes... We couldn't have done it without them!

JUNE Jillionna turned one year old. She really keeps us on our toes.

JULY Judy and Royce turned another year old. Judy played her harp for the General Conference of Seventh Day Adventist in Indianapolis while being eight months pregnant.

AUGUST 8 Jillionna took her first steps and August 9 Josianne Kayleigh was born. Judy's labor was 2 hours and "we" delivered totally naturally again. Josianne is an even-tempered baby and just loves to be cuddled. She and Jillionna are as different as night and day which we feel is good in that they will both have their own individuality and uniqueness being only 14 months apart.

AUNT Cindee came out to be with Judy prior to delivering and helped with housework, cooking...and walked Judy 1-2 hours a day trying to bring on labor. She was the first extended family member to hold Josianne. As Judy was in labor Cindee watched over Jillionna and 10 minutes after Josianne made her appearance Cindee and Jillionna were in the birthing room.

MAMA Doralee then came to help us out with the cleaning, cooking, and of course child care. What a terrific blessing she was! Judy came down with mastitis, Jillionna with a cold, and Royce with his usual post partum illness. Mama Doralee nursed us all back to health with the best loving care anyone could ever desire.

MAMA Doris then came and relieved Judy of all the cooking...and extended her energies in child care. She too we greatly appreciated. We only wish our families lived closer so they could do this all year long - ha, ha.

AFTER 2 years of building off and on, our home will be completed in September. Yes, we can't wait to move again. Royce and I have been married 5 years and will have moved 5 times by next year.

We wish you much love, joy, and peace, and hope that you will stop in and visit us this new year.