Jillionna since the last letter has had soft palate surgery of her mouth 12/7/90. She has done well with no further surgeries anticipated.

In February, Royce was able to start the Cardiac Cath Program at Park Ridge Hospital, Adventist Health System, Sunbelt. Now coronary angiograms can be done in Henderson County for the first time.

In March we went to Atlanta for Royce's American College of Cardiology meetings and Mom Bailey came to help with the kids. Both are walking/ get the idea. Neither are talking yet. I guess that is good?

In April Royce and Judy started a 6-week cooking school at Hendersonville Seventh Day Adventist Church each Wednesday night - no cholesterol, low fat - no eggs, cheese, or milk. We didn't present it if Royce couldn't cook it or if he wouldn't eat it.

In May we went back to California for Royce's youngest brother Harold (Hal) Lee Jr's medical school graduation at Loma Linda University. He is leaning toward family practice. Royce wants a Cardiology partner in a couple of years, Hal. It was good to see the family: Cindee (PhD) is teaching at Walla Walla College, Washington; Rik is Associate Pastor at West Covina Hills SDA Church, California; Gramps (Roy Shipley) is 90 years old at Thanksgiving; Mom Bailey is working on her doctorate in Adolescence; Dad Bailey is enjoying an added surgical procedure to his already busy practice - cardiac bypasses. Mom and Dad Bailey in their spare time (Is there such a thing?) are tending an orange and kiwi fruit farm in Ojai, California. Momma and Papa Wolter have worked out the best schedule because they visit North Carolina in between Momma Wolter's school breaks. She teaches 60 kindergarteners in year-round school with a vacation every 10 weeks. Papa Wolter keeps busy adding weekly Revelation Seminars and Evangelistic Series for the Chula Vista Church family he pastors in San Diego County, California.

Josee is walking at 9 months - my arms were about to break - and running at 12 months. Jillee didn't walk until the day before Josee's birth - 13 1/2 months old.

In June we thought we would finally be in our new house we've been building for 2 1/2 years, but we finally moved in 9/10/91. (Thrown in is a better word for it.) We should be almost completed by the time you get this letter - heat, doors, final paint, phone, running water - you get the picture.

We also decided to give Judy the summer off from having babies: 1) seeing how she has delivered one each of the last two summers, 2) she wanted to be able to see her toes again, and 3) she really wanted to see what it would be like to wear something with a waistline.

In July happiness is both girls taking a nap at the same time (rare), both girls playing quietly together, both girls only emptying one drawer at a time. Before children we knew everything there was about raising children - since children our brains have been sucked out. We used to have romantic dinners together looking into each other's eyes. Now we dream of just quiet dinners. Yes, Judy did forget what color Royce's eyes were this year. (Sleep deprivation?) They're blue, Lovee!

In August happiness is not having to awaken at 3am IST (Infant Standard Time). What made us think that we could get up, change a diaper, powder a bottom, sing a song, rock in the rocker for 10 months straight and still retain any sanity?

In September we've noticed the girls are growing so fast. We've gone through 5 pairs of shoes this summer alone. Would it work to slow down their growth if we didn't feed them so much? It works with plants. How about keeping them out of the sunlight? We bought a pair of shoes that got to be too small between the time the right one got tied and the left one put on. Anybody want a never been used left size 3 sneaker?

In October Great-Grandmother Pfeiffer came from Grover City, California to visit North Carolina for the first time. She was only a day late. The tickets were for Tuesday but she said she never planned to come on Tuesday, so she came on Wednesday. The airline was very understanding.

Judy has stayed very busy playing the harp (Psalm 33:2) including playing with the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble, Hendersonville Symphony, Church events, and concerts, culminating with her 5th album with Chapel Records 10/91 recorded in Nashville. Her arranger (again) and producer was Tom Keene, arranger of the Maranatha Praise albums. Judy says the hardest part of recording was sitting on that hard wooden harp bench 10 hours a day for 2 straight days - OUCH!

The girls discovered and decided to play in the bidet in the master bedroom's bath and left the water shooting off the ceiling, flooding out the window and soaking everything for 2 floors into the basement - UGH!

In November Jillee started to say her memory verses for Sabbath School. It is still in tongues we don't understand yet but at least she is making noise when asked. Both girls have learned to kneel to pray to Jesus and fold their hands. Reverently closing their eyes is still to come.

The girls love to swim and walk the 3/10 mile to the mailbox - they want to be carried on the way back, of course! Observation: If we go to a restaurant, after a meal there are more objects under the table than on top.

In December everyone mentioned above is coming for Christmas, plus a few others!!! Royce's PO Box is the same 217, Naples, North Carolina, 28760. Wishes for the Lord to reunite us in Heaven!