JAN The Family (Ma and Pa Bailey and Wolter, Great Gramps Roy Shipley, Royce's sibs Cindee, Rik, and Hal, with Hal's beloved Jodi Saunders) had just left from a Christmas visit to our home and Judy was practicing for a religious concert. The girls got very quiet. On investigation, they had dumped a 10 pound bag of flour all over the kitchen floor and it looked like a snowstorm had hit. After the cleanup, back to the harp and another quiet spell. Two very happy children were seated on the couch eating raw Top Raman noodles they had gotten out of the cupboard. Out came the vacuum and the camera again, then there came another long silent spell. This time the garlic salt was dumped on the floor, then they peeled and onion in their play kitchen, dropping onion skins all over. Judy vacuumed the kitchen floor 5 times that day.

FEB We 4 visited smog heaven for the Angel Awards in Beverly Hills, California, for Judy's album "Give Thanks." She won 2 more Angels (that's 5 now) and an Excellence in Media Award. The girls fell in love with Royce's parents' place in Ojai, California (swing set, playhouse, pool, and toys) and they talk about it constantly. In Sabbath School when asked, "Where does Jesus live?" Jillee says, "Ojai."

MAR Judy just loves finding her lip gloss: flat, with teeth marks or cracker crumbs all over it.

We found a drowned mouse in our vegetable oil. The girls had been playing and had taken the lids off everything in that cupboard. We didn't eat for a week.

APR Ma and Pa Wolter visited and started to build the girls a swing set. We went to the American College of Cardiology meeting in Dallas while Mama Wolter babysat. The girls in sequence got the GI bug. One night we were awakened in Dallas by Mama Wolter calling that she had just had 9 stitches in her forehead. Later we found out that Jillee had been throwing up and in a startle Mama Wolter awoke to run her to the bathroom and got caught in her nightgown and hit her head on the bookcase corner - with Jillee still throwing up. OUCH!

While Judy was unloading groceries at the market, Josee in a runaway shopping cart ran into a parked car. The people were nice, the dent in their new paint was not.

While planting bush beans in our first garden Josee got something stuck in her nose. After finally getting it out, do you know what we found? A BUSH BEAN.

MAY Mom Bailey and Rik here on their way to Andrews U in Michigan. Rik to finish his doctorate. Mom Bailey gave a wonderful seminar on child rearing at the Hendersonville SDA Church. Rik gave the sermon that no one will forget!

Sandi Moorehead et al, and Tamayoses from California here to visit. Judy enjoyed showing them around, making eggrolls, and catching up on all of life's events. Mount Pisgah (we can see from our front windows) got 52 inches of snow in 48 hours while they were here - a record. (Three inches a year is good.)

JUN We 4 to California again for Judy to film with "It Is Written" television. Then on to Judy's Wolter Family Reunion in Bend, Oregon. All 33 of us had a grand time, including Royce's sister Cindee. Then back to San Diego with Ma and Pa Wolter flying back with Judy and the kids. Royce would only take off 5 days.

JUL Potty learning (training for pets) is for the parents, the kids will pick it up when ready...college?

The girls were in Possinger's, second son Randy's wedding. After much practice, they came down the huge staircase holding bouquets of pretty flowers, made a right turn and low and behold, a vast number of people were there. A little coaxing and Jillee made the left hand turn up to the wedding party. Josee got lost in the shuffle. The bride's father handed her off to the groom. The bride and groom looked inseperable until they mysteriously started moving apart. Suddenly Josee appeared pushing her way out between them. "May nothing ever come between you, not even children," the pastor said.

The garden: lettuce and radishes got covered with mud; cauliflower and broccoli not enough growth hormone?; tomatoes got the blight; corn, squash, melons, potatoes, onions, beans, green peppers were okay. And we all 4 got it: poison ivy!

AUG Another quiet spell with powder and lotion for dolly bottoms all over the floor. Just as Judy was going to spank, she dusted off a book that was on the floor - "How to Discipline with Love." They got THE lecture instead.

Jillionna started speech school and didn't cry. Parents did. Josianne screamed because she couldn't stay and play with all the toys. Jillee still can't say her 'p's, so in the store at the top of her lungs, she still screams out, "Hel, Mama, hel!"

Judy killed a Copperhead by our pool wall. The snake never had a chance! Was superficially fanged by one in the high grass too. The girls pulled everything off their hangers in the closet, then Josee tinkled on them.

SEP Wolters here. Finished the swing set for the girls. They love it! Ma Wolter gave a terrific lecture to the Mom's Support Group on "How to Teach Your Children to Help Around the House."

The girls playing with their dollies decided to diaper them and then hung the "dirty" ones up (10 of them) to dry with sticky tape to the wall. Did you know that when removed it takes everything off down to the drywall?!!

OCT Jillee had her last palate surgery on the 5th. Her speech has improved noticeably since then. On the 6th, Royce and Judy celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary in the hospital with Jillee.

We 4 to Los Angeles again, for Judy to record a new album, "In My Heart," her sixth with Chapel Music. Royce to meetings for the hospital. He will be Chief of Staff at Park Ridge Hospital in January.

NOV Jillee likes her hair combed just so and likes to wear the prettiest dresses. Josee likes to wrestle with the boys and could care less how she looks - just like Royce.

DEC Judy was on "It Is Written" the 13th, nationally.

The girls are growing so fast. Jillee can count to 14. Josee tells stories to herself, complete with hand motions. The only problem is they aren't in English! We wish you all could see them in person and borrow them for awhile. They certainly change our view of God. His patience for 6000 years is better than mine! Royce has trouble keeping up with them for just one day of babysitting.

May Jesus be the center of all your holiday celebrations!