We have so much to thank and praise God for His continued blessings and miracles in our lives. Jillionna and Josianne are growing faster and advancing on an upcoming stage before we're ready to relinquish the last one. Royce is healthier and weighs the most he's ever weighed - praise God.

JANUARY We returned from California seeing our parents and celebrating Christmas and birthdays. Our return to North Carolina came with a beautiful blanket of snow that lasted too many days - Judy developed house rot. Actually, it was a beautiful sight, although we had no water or heat for a week. Royce showered at the hospital and the girls had to settle for spit baths for two days until the desire for complete immersion overcame them. It was decided that the necessities of daily living would never be taken for granted again. The family traveled with Judy and The Voice of Prophecy up to the Spencerville Church in Washington, D.C. What a wonderful experience and fulfillment it was to fellowship with new friends and the VOP team.

FEBRUARY Judy gave the Mother's Night Out lecture on "More Time in my Day" organizational helps. Jillee thinks that Lot's wife turned into a somersault and there are "nuts" in oranges (seeds). Josee's past tense is interesting - "That bug bited me." The girls love their dolls and are developing wonderful mothering skills. After returning home from visiting a friend who had just given birth, Jillee had her baby tucked under her top. We asked her what she was doing, and she said, "I am nursing my baby." Their babies go everywhere with them - out to eat, to the park, to church. While reading in worship about Adam who lived to be 930 years old, Jillionna said, "I don't want to get old," and Josianne responded, "Only boys get old."

MARCH The beginning of the month found us traveling to Melbourne, Florida for the Pacific Press/Chapel Music/Review Marketing seminar. It was wonderful to see our publishing friends and include a visit with Uncle Hal in Orlando. What fun we had visiting all the amusements and seeing brother Hal's stomping grounds, including Florida Hospital. Royce's Cardiology Convention followed with the family joining him in Atlanta, Georgia. Judy and the girls shopped while Royce filled his mind with facts of the latest research. Judy underwent eye surgery for nearsightedness - radial keratotomy. She loves the idea of no glasses or contacts. Josianne recovers from the sniffles and says, "My nose is all better. It's not plugged anymore."

APRIL As a team member, Judy and her harp joined The Voice of Prophecy at Fletcher, North Carolina for evangelism and a praise concert. Judy is working at Royce's office 4 - 6 hours a day as he continues in the setting up aspects of his solo practice. The vegetable garden was planted and included corn, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, peppers, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, radishes, beans, beets, and lettuce. Judy went to tune her harp before a concert (all 47 strings must be retuned every time the harp is moved) and asked Royce to dress the girls and even told him what to dress them in. As it turned out the dresses were in the dirty clothes, but Royce followed her request and put them on anyway. (He even attempted to iron them - dirty.) Josee's theological question of the month, "Does Satan tinkle in his panties?"

MAY Judy continues to be busy harping (not just on Royce) and was honored to play for her cousins husbands sister, Rhonda Prohaska's wedding celebration in Columbus, Georgia. It was so much fun to be with relatives and catch up on all of the happenings. Judy opened this year's Carolina Campmeeting with a harp concert and much to her thrill (and everyone else's) accompanied the girls while they sang Jesus songs. Jillee said, "When I was a little girl, I didn't like squash." Why? "I don't know, it's just the way Jesus made me." The girls are learning opposites. Judy asked about the 10 commandments. "They teach us right from...?" Josee said, "Left."

JUNE Judy continues to be active in the Hendersonville Symphony and for the second time in her life attended the World Harp Convention held this year in Boston, Massachusetts. Jillionna turned five years old and was thrilled as all of her friends came over for a swimming party. Later in the month Judy gave a harp concert in Atlanta and we ahd the privilege of staying with our college friends Tom and Yara Young and family. Tom is a forensic pathologist for the State of Georgia and Royce's Med School classmate at Loma Linda, California; Yara is a writer, mother, and lecturer. Grandma and Grandpa Wolter were here for a visit. Grandma was asked to buy an item from the grocery store and she didn't bring it home. Her comment was, "I didn't forget, I just didn't remember." She is still teaching year-round in the San Diego, California school district. She reports that she will retire next year.

JULY Judy relinquished her office responsibilities but was glad for the experience and insights into managing a doctor's office. Royce's office was redecorated and expanded. Judy and the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble played Bele Chere, a street festival in Asheville, North Carolina. We were excited about a visit from Steve Merle and Merrie Hildebrand and becoming acquainted with new friends and a potential cardiology partner for Royce. (Steve was Royce's Med School classmate.) Jillionna started swimming lessons. Josianne was not able to attend as she slipped while playing on our steps, resulting in 5 stitches of her chin. Thanks to Dr. Milton Conley for his patience in the E.R. Royce's '46 Packard continues to have troubles, and often leaves the family stranded. Grandpa Wolter has nicknamed it "the beautiful white car that graces the side of the road." Judy calls it "the white beast." One embarrassing episode between church and home Royce ran out of gas twice and the steering wheel fell off in his lap. No, it's still part of the family!

AUGUST Josee turned four and wasn't sure that she enjoyed all her little friends playing with her toys and swimming in her pool during her party. Josee, now swimming on her own, is trying to keep up with her big sister. Grandpa Wolter is living with us while he builds (subcontracts) his house here. He is a big help in many ways. Josianne's theological statement of the month is "Jesus hasn't come yet because He's not dressed yet." Jillionna wants nothing to do with Satan and will ask that her "treat" be put in the cupboard so Satan won't get it. Gardening chores are done as soon as it gets light to avoid the heat of the day. Beans and tomatoes need to be picked every other day; bugs are picked, squashed or placed in gasoline. Picture in your mind 38" tall Josee in yellow galoshes and pink floor length nightgown hiked up to her middle trying to keep up with Grandpa Wolter on his way to the garden and fruit trees when it's barely light.

SEPTEMBER Judy gave a concert at the Apple Festival, a street festival in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Jillee and Josee sang Jesus songs and were the hit of the concert. Grandpa Wolter, Judy and the girls drove across the United States to visit family and friends in California. Thirty miles out of Barstow at 12:30am the drive shaft broke loose, causing sparks to fly. Jillee and Josee were fascinated with their first ride in a tow truck and thrilled with the flashing yellow lights. Jillee and Josee enjoyed playing with Grammy Bailey's dog Bea-Bea - still in the land of the living when we left, although her eyes were bulging from the girls' "loving." They visited Sea World with all four grandparents and Uncle Rik, and observed never before seen animals in the San Diego Zoo. Grammy Bailey was commenting to Grandma Wolter that Josianne had Royce's fingers, and Josee said, "No they're not, they're mine."

OCTOBER Judy and Royce celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary in Bermuda while Grandma and Grandpa Wolter babysat. It proved to be an exciting trip as it began - without luggage, simultaneously occurring with 35-50 mph winds and rain. This allowed for much indoor activity although all tourist and planned sights were visited - how-be-it wet. We had great fun when Papa and Grammy Bailey came to visit giving Royce and Judy a break in parenting while spoiling the girls to the max. We returned to Atlanta for another harp concert and were involved in an accident on the way down. Royce kept the van on the shoulder of the road to keep from having a head-on collision and gave the family the bumpiest ride they've ever had. What thankfulness we have that our angels kept the car in an upright position. There were no injuries except for the $1000 worth of dents to the side of the van.

NOVEMBER Royce's near-death experience was heard nationally on Voice of Prophecy. What a blessing and joyous time we shared hosting the third annual church Thanksgiving Day potluck (for those without family nearby) with the famous Bailey vegie-turkey. Judy gave a series of harp performances at the famous Biltmore House - the largest private residence in the United States. While listening to the news on TV, Josianne asked why a lady was screaming, and Jillionna said, "Maybe someone threw her toys away." Judy and the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble started the Christmas season with a community concert in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Judy is playing school with the girls each day. Jillee can count to 100, recognize the alphabet, recite the Lord's Prayer and the 23rd Psalm, and sing the 10 commandment song. Josee draws and paints a lot while pulling pranks on her sister, such as gluing her scissors shut. She knows her left from her right (thanks to the Father Abraham song), recognizes most of the alphabet, and can recite the Lord's Prayer.

DECEMBER Josianne wants to know when is Daddy coming home from the "hops'pital." Josee loves to talk to herself and during the sermon in church was asked to please be quiet, her response while pointing to the preacher was, "But he's talking." Every comment from the girls starts with "Do you know what?" or "Why?" The family tradition of building gingerbread houses has the girls (all 3) wide-eyed with wonder. Christmatime teaches the girls Jesus came as a babe for us and gave us the example of what Christianity is all about - that Christ died for us, and now He offers to take our sins and give us righteousness. Christ's character stands in place of our character and we are accepted before God just as if we had not sinned.