Royce's New Book


You'll Rust Out Before Yo u Wear OutYou'll Rust Out Before Yo u Wear OutExcerpt from Dr. Royce Bailey's book:

"I began giving health lectures some 20 years ago. I was often asked to write down my thoughts, but declined. This was due to the ever changing "latest" medical literature which would often make my comments out of date by the following week. In medical school, they told that half of what they taught us was wrong, but they wouldn't know which half for another ten years. Now science is out-pacing the newest textbooks on medicine, making them old new and behind by three to four years when they hit the book store. Thus, most medical news is outdated by the time you read it.

I first started to write down my health tips for a weight loss class at the local Methodist Church using the "Faith First" program in 1997. Healthy weight loss tips have not changed since man was created or sin was introduced. This series expanded to the 2000 member Baptist Church in town. My focus now expanded also. I began documenting the latest cutting edge medical literature articles that correlate with the natural never out-dated health message advocated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church for the last 150 years..."

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