Carlos Salzedo

Like many of his contemporaries, French-born Carlos Salzedo studied harp at the Paris Conservatory with the legendary French master Alphonse Hasselmans. His influence on today's harpists is evidenced in the enduring popularity of his technical approach to harp playing, commonly referred to as the "Salzedo Method." Salzedo detailed this approach with Lucile Lawrence in his Methods for the Harp, and in his Modern Study of the Harp, a collection of instructions and etudes which also serves as a reference guide for the many special effects he pioneered for the harp. In addition to these collections, Salzedo's legacy of compositions for the hard, such as Suite of Eight Dances, "Song in the Night," and "Variations on a Theme in Ancient Style," have become time-tested staples of the harp repertoire. One of this century's most respected (and sometimes controversial) harp teachers, Salzedo solidified his position in the teaching circle by establishing the harp department at theCurtis Institute of Music in 1924. He later founded the Salzedo Summer Harp Colony, in Camden, Maine, where he taught until his death in 1961.

The Harp Column   Nov/Dec 1999   volume 7, issue 3

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