Working away in London during the summer has many of us dreaming of foreign holidays.

The weather isn’t always great and some days this year have been very gloomy. Yes, it is fun to have all of the activities and the river, but just like the rest of us, London Escort Couples, do think of foreign holidays. Opening up the blinds in the morning to find that it is raining does not exactly have the same effect as looking out on sunshine and beaches. It would be nice if we could all do that for at least a couple of weeks every year.

It is the money, says Sara from London Escort Couples services from, London is not such an expensive place to live in and it is hard to save for holidays. Fortunately it pays quite well to work for the local escorting services but it is hard to find things like mortgages. At the moment I am living in a one bedroom flat for which I am paying a fortune. I do manage to save a bit every month which is great. Do I have a dream holiday? You bet I do. I would love to spend a couple of months down on the Florida Keys, it looks like a dream to me.

Nina who is just about to leave London Escort Couples services after a career spanning three years. I just can’t afford anything here in London so I am moving down to Cornwall. Yes, it has to do with my dream holiday, she laughs. I have always enjoyed holidaying in Cornwall, and I have fallen in love with the place. I have managed to buy a small cottage and I am fulfilling my dream to live in Cornwall. It will be like a permanent dream holiday. It has all been planned and I have even set up my own business on the Internet so I am good to go.

Tina works for VIP London Escort Couples and she has a real dream holiday, Hawaii, she shouts, I want to go to Hawaii. To me it looks like the ultimate holiday destination. You sort of seem to have a mini universe of everything that you could want. You have beaches, lovely flowers, a big ocean and even volcanoes – what else do you need. It might be my dream location to live actually. Next year, I hope to be able to afford to go there. Who knows – I might never come back, she laughs.

It is important to have dream holidays. They can be like little miracles on grey and horrible days in London. You can sit there with all your holiday brochures and dream hot dreams, says Sara from London Escort Couples. There are so many great places that you can travel to. Somehow the world seems a lot smaller but I do think that in general, we like to travel. Just look at the amount of cruise ships floating around these great big oceans of ours, she says with a smile. Perhaps we have all become travel junkies.

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