Jan. The new year begins in Walla Walla, Washington as we enjoy family time with the Bailey Bunch at Cindee and Neil's country home. we all spent a couple days holding and admiring the new addition to our family, Master Parker Reed Bailey, born to Hal an Jodi. What a precious bundle of love. Jillee and Josee practiced their mothering skills and informed Judy they wanted another sister. She quickly informed them they were barking up the wrong "body." We returned home relaxed and rested while I'm sure Cindee and Neil were frazzled and frayed.

The girls can't wait until they are old enough to drive. Jillee said to Josee, "I'm not going to waste my money buying a car. I'm just going to drive one of mommy's or daddy's." Jillee is collecting "Samantha" doll (American Girl) things and Josee is collecting "Kristen" things. They are learning about different periods that each girl (doll) lived in history.

Jillee is able to swallow vitamin pills without water like Gramee Bailey. We added a chewable Zinc lozenge to her vitamins because of a runny nose. Joyce heard her scream and found she had swallowed it whole and it was stuck in her throat. In time she was OK. Now she knows to chew it.

Feb. Jillee, when thanking Jesus for her food said, "thank you for making Mommy and Daddy." Judy and Royce's hearts melted.

Aunt Cindee called and was talking to Josee. She asked her, "What's the best thing that has happened to you today?" Josee replied, "The Adventure Club (from Church) is coming over to swim." The Aunt Cindee asked, "What's the worst thing that has happened to you today?" Josee thought, then said, "They're not here yet."

The girls are taking horseback riding lessons(see pictures at Judy's Harp Web Page http://members.aol.com/harpists4u at a stable near here. Jillee's horse's name is "Poco." Josee's horse is called "Sisco." She says she can remember his name by "Fran-sand-sisco."

We went to Ojai, CA to visit Papa and Gramee Bailey during a terrible deluge of rain. Their damage was light compared to some. They only lost trees, fences, and had a flooded basement. We stayed dry however, and enjoyed visiting, going out to eat and now are on a diet to take off five pounds each.

Our two, Heinz-57, precious dogs, Blackee and Clifford turned 3 years old. We celebrated with a "dog of a party" consisting of dog paddling (swimming), bone cake, and dog-gone good ice cream. Josee has watched too many commercials while the news is on TV. She said we need to get some "Just for Men" for Clifford because he is turning gray.

Mar. Josee's theological question was, "The President can lie because Jesus died for his sins. It is Clinton's choice. If Jesus did not die for us, he (the President) would die when he first lied. Right Daddy?" You are so right my child!!!

While Gramma and Grandpa Wolter offered to keep the girls one night, so we could have some "quality time", Judy told Royce, "Well, this is what it would be like without children." Royce said, "Yeh, pretty boring."

Later, Judy's watchband felt loose and she said, "I think I've lost weight, my watchband is loose." Royce replied matter-of-factly, "No, your band just stretched."

The next day while watching the news on TV a "Scott's Turf Builder" commercial was advertised. Josee asked Judy if we used it on your lawn and she said "Yes." Josee cried, "Then why doesn't our lawn look good?"

The next commercial was about a "Nordic Track" and Jillee commented, "Mommy needs that." Nothing wrong with Judy's self esteem.

Gramee Bailee came to visit and joined us at the American College of Cardiology Meetings in Atlanta, GA; the was able to stay to hear the girl's annual piano recital. Jillee is in Suzuki Book 3 and Josee is in book 2. They will sit down at anyone's piano and play if they have an audience. They are little "hams."

APR. Royce ruptured his color again and returned to ICU as a patient again (remember five years ago?). They removed the rest of his colon and changed his left sided colostomy to a right-sided ileostomy. After Judy teaches spelling and math she spends mornings with Royce, helping with daily living activities. Gramma Wolter finishes the school day then in the afternoon Jillee and Josee spend time with daddy in the hospital. Grandpa Wolter keeps up the yard around the house along with various other sundry things as friends help mow the meadows, send food over, and help with projects. Your support is tremendous!!!!

Josee told Jillee that her hand smelled bad. Jillee, being insulted and upset said, "Your nose is blind, my hand smells good."

Friends of ours could not decide if they wanted a dog or a child. So we asked if they wanted to ruin their carpets or their lives. Just kidding, they haven't yet decided on how to be maternal.

Royce goes back to surgery for revision of the ileostomy stump (it lost it's blood supply during the first surgery-this is not unusual for Crohn's Disease)

MAY Royce is still in the hospital, his spirits are good during these episodes as he turns off his mind to cope. He goes back to surgery for the third time because of non-healing peristomal wounds (this is also not unusual for Crohn's Disease).

Royce wants to vote as an absentee and tells Judy about his wish an hour and fifteen minutes before voting ends. She drives into town (20 min.), picks up packet (5 min), drives back to the hospital (20 min), reads the ballot to Royce while he's in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, marks his choices (10 min), drives back into town to deliver his vote (20 min). The door is just closing but she pushes her way in to deliver his vote. Nothing stops Royce from voting!!!

The girls were studying in school how to put on the whole Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10?18). Later, Josee upset Jillee, because she didn't agree with her facts. So Jillee said, "Josee, that's not true, your girdle has fallen off."

Gramee and Papa Bailey arrive to put their healing hands on Royce. Gramee gave blood twice while she was here and Papa racked his mind for every possibility in the world to heal Royce. Royce came home for two days and then went back to the hospital with a high fever. Cindee and Neil come to make Royce get better and are present while Grandpa Wolter anointed Royce.

JUNE Nothing is unusual to Crohn's Disease and Royce is still in the hospital. Royce, not getting better and resisting all the way, is sent to Duke University Medical Center by air ambulance for a second opinion. Papa Bailey flies in to over-see this institution's medical care and offer support to Judy. Royce doesn't talk to either of them for three days, since he doesn't think he needs to be at Duke. After a week of reassurance he is discharged on hyper-alimentation feedings for up to six months (nothing by mouth).

His return home is just in time to celebrate Jillionna's ninth birthday and all the attentions were shown to her that go with a birthday; roller blading with her special friends at our church's Family Life Center, birthday array of foods, treats and presents. Even though Josee received some presents too, she felt left out. We talked about jealousy and Grandma Wolter said she gets jealous too sometimes. Josee said, 'You mean you get jealous when Grampa has a birthday party?"

Hal comes to visit and makes sure all is OK with Royce and shares his brotherly love. He also assesses the possibility of practicing medicine in North Carolina

Jillee is so excited. She gets to start braces on her teeth. Josee can't wait either, she will start next year. This is very different than when we grew up!

Royce is re-admitted to Duke for five days at the end of the June, because of a track infection from the central line, placed at Duke earlier in the month. He is not happy with their technique, but is well enough to start eating again (months ahead of schedule) and the IV line is not replaced--yeah! A big thanks to family and friends for keeping us going during Royce's traumatic time.

JULY Royce starts back to a limited work schedule.

Jillee decided to host her own tea-party and gave us all (Royce, Judy, and Josee) invitations. When the time came for us to meet, there was no tea-party! Royce asked why and Jillee said, "The tea-party is postponed because there is no time. I'm on call."

One of Royce's colleagues at Park Ridge Hospital (Dr. Eric Lane) describes Royce as a "Triple A-type personality with a Ferrari mind and a Packard body (works sometimes and sometimes doesn't)."

If you didn't already know, Royce's 1947 Packard is not the most reliable car. Royce defends his car by saying that it is never something major that breaks down. Just bring your walking shoes and cell phone when you use it. Judy says the only thing that works in that car is the garage door opener.

Whiskers is our only guinea pig that will lay on his back. The girls dress him up in doll clothes and parade him around the house in their doll stroller. What a sight, with all four legs sticking up in the air, pulled through "almost fitting" clothes. He doesn't seem to mind--much.

AUG. Judy's second music video is released, "Nature's Melody." It was produced by Edgemont TV in Arkansas (http://www.edgemontv.com). It is beautiful. Thank you, Edgemont for eight months of capturing nature scenes.

Royce's abdomen is finally completely healed from the post-op wounds from April. He says the surgeons have been in him so much he is ready for a midline "tummy" zipper.

Jillee is asked in science class what it is called when light is bent? We even gave her a hint. "It is called R-E . . ." And she proudly states "Recycle." (No, the answer is - refraction)

We celebrated Josee's eighth birthday at the Family Life Center (at church) on the 9th, with roller-blading, friends, family, birthday food, treats and presents. What a great time!

Judy takes a much needed change of scenery via a trip to New York with good friend Mehri Ettenhidea. They shopped, ate, met new friends and fellowshiped. She was treated royally and returned rested and rejuvenated.

SEP. Royce came home after getting his first store-bought haircut since March. He asked the barber to cut out all the grey. When Judy saw him she said, "You didn't get a hair-cut, you got bush-hogged!"

Local saying: "If you at first you don't succeed-ask Grampa Wolter to do it." He's very handy.

Josee and Royce were playing the game "Candyland." Royce cried, "That's cheating." Josee calmly replied, "No, we play the game differently now than when you were a little boy!" Oooh--just like Royce when he was little; making up the rules as you go.

Jillee's Susuki Harp Book and Tape came in the mail and by night she is playing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" with both hands on Judy's lap harp.

The girls, with their friends from church, finished their second swimming class of this summer and now have their intermediate certificates.

We went to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend of swimming, sun, and salt water. It felt wonderful! That was our family vacation his summer. Royce had three months off earlier but he claims it didn't count.

OCT. When Royce was a young boy he was fascinated with the frozen meat/fish displays at the store. A generation has not changed that, for growing up vegetarian it still is a wonderment to Jillee and Josee. However, it can be a source of embarrassment too. Like the time Judy took the girls, Grampa and Gramma Wolter, to the store. Josee in her loudest, clearest, broadcasting voice announced from the next isle, "Mommy, Grampa is looking at the dead fish."

The whole family filmed Royce's "Near Death Experience from Crohn's Disease" at 3 Angels Broadcasting Network (Galaxy 3, ch 23; Sky Angel ch 677; or http://www.3abn.org). Judy's also recorded 12 Harp Christmas numbers there, to air around Christmas.

While learning container sizes (1/2pint, pint, quart, 1/2gal., etc), Jillee was shown different containers and began naming them,"1/2pint, pint, large pint"

Josee did not finish her corn on her lunch plate, so was asked to clean up her plate--just like Clifford would, her dog. So the next thing we saw was a plate tipped up on end and Josee's tongue cleaning up the last of the corn. When does it sink into their little heads?

Now that the girls are starting to read music, they have started Hand Bell Choir with some of their friends at the Fletcher Church. This has really motivated them and they just love it.

NOV. On Election day in the ICU, Royce was talking with the nurses about the President's "perjury' (even if it was "just about sex"). Royce said, "If I had done that, they would put me in jail." The nurses answered, "NOooo, you would be DEAD! Judy would be in jail for killing you."

Judy starts her busiest harping season. We kissed her goodbye and will see her in the spring. Really, we do see her for meals most days.

The family has been enjoying the revival at our church via Net 98-with Dr. Dwight Nelson from Andrews University, Michigan (where Uncle Rik lives). The girls have not missed a night (27 in all). It has been seen via satellite (http://www.net98.org) on 6 continents, 200 countries, 40 languages (from Afrikaans to Zulu) and 7600 down-link sites around the globe. After 14 nights Jillee and Josee received their own Seminar Bibles. It has had a profound effect on their behavior and attitude.

Royce found Jillee in her room with Whiskers (our 4 year old long-haired guinea pig) on the floor in front of her, while reading the book of Jude and preaching to him.

Jillee is still so excited to go to the Orthodontist and get a retainer for her lower teeth, just like mommy's. She got to pick out it's colors too (purple and blue). She is to wear it all the time except at meals. We haven't thrown it out with the food yet, either!

The girls made their annual gingerbread houses to display at the Grove Park Inn in Asheville.

DEC. Royce is still in the hospital. This time (Praise the Lord) as the Doctor, not the patient.

Josee drank some water too fast and began choking. When she recovered she said very adultly: "it just went down the wrong 'trachea'."

Papa Bailey invites us all (the whole Bailey Bunch, 13 of us) to go to Maui, Hawaii for Christmas. Thanks, Papa. Oh, do we ever need the rest. Happy Holidays. Jude 24 and 25.