Christmas 1999

January - After our biggest snow storm of the season (1 1/2 inches), Jillee asked Josee not to go down the hill in her saucer before she did. Wanting to be the first one down Josee went ahead and when arriving at the bottom of the hill, felt badly. She wanted to apologize to Jillee, but said it wasn't easy. When asked why it wasn't easy she said, "Someone was pushing on my talkative thing." (Pointing to her throat.)

-The girls last month were asked what a noun and a verb were, so they could open a small Christmas present early. After looking it up in their book: noun-person, place or thing; verb, action or state of being, Josee, asked for an example, said, "North Carolina, our state, is a verb." Jillee said, "A homonym is a word you don't understand." There's still work to be done in English class.

-Judy always said while growing up, that when she-had children she would name them Tiffany and Travis. We had new guinea pig babies. Guess what the girls named them? Tiffany and Travis. Judy hoped for humans to carry the names but rodents will have to suffice.

February - The girls practice the piano 30 minutes daily. Judy remembers, as a child, winding the clock on the piano prior to practicing to be sure time would fly. Josee has another approach to diminishing her practice time. She puts on the player piano and thinks she's fooling us.

-We were talking to the girls About how some religions say we are not under the Law of God anymore. Their theologic question was: If the law is the signature of God's character of love and if we are not under the law, hence we then are not under His love either?

-Royce was back in the hospital again with a lower GI bleed. Judy was teary eyed when the girls awoke. They asked where Daddy was? Judy told them in the hospital. They said, "Doing rounds?" "No, as a patient," Judy said. Josee said, "Well mommy, Jesus healed Daddy two other times, he'll heal him again." "Yes, we will pray that Jesus will heal Daddy and that Jesus will help Mommy to be strong." Josee said, " It doesn't look like you're accomplishing that!"

Judy, the girls, Gramma, Grandpa Wolter and some dear friends took a trip to Disney World in Florida. What a wonderful week of fun and excitement. We did it all including EPCOT 1 1/2 days. Do you know what EPCOT means? Every Person Comes Out Tired! There's not enough room in this letter to tell you the potato story but please ask us to tell it the next time we see you-it's the funniest story you've ever heard.

-Judy's video "Nature's Melody" won an Excellence in Media Award at the Angel Awards in Hollywood, CA. Papa and Gramee Bailey attended for her.

March - Royce asked the girls to spell "unite." Josee-"Y-o-u N-i-g-h-t." Jillee"U N-i-g-h-t.

-Both girls got glasses, not because their vision was failing but because the ophthalmologist puts all children in reading glasses. Josee was so excited and wanted the indentations on the side of her nose that the glasses make, just like Daddy's. She kept asking, "Are they there yet, Daddy?"

-We told Josee that we were going to remove stuffed animals from her bed, so 1) we could see the top of her bed and 2) she could sleep in it. She said she would spank us or do something else to get our attention.

- You thought the Tower of Babel was high-it pales in comparison to Judy's pile of ironing.

Judy was wrestling with the girls and said, "...Careful, I'm an antique."

-Royce and Judy go to the American College of Cardiology Convention in New Orleans without the girls. Royce took in many meetings while Judy toured/shopped and the evenings, actually gave them a chance to think about each other, but all we could talk about was the girls would enjoy this or seeing that.

April - One of Royce's patients was complaining of being tired (a very common complaint). He asked her if she snored? "No," replied the patient. "Yes," said the husband. "You never told me that I snore," retorted the wife. "That's how come we've been married 50 years," replied the husband.

-We went on a picnic and asked the girls to spell the past tense of "picnic." Answer: later

-We got through April without Royce getting sick. Royce has asked many doctors to comment on his worst flares of Crohn's Disease always in the month of April. John Hopkins Medical Team came up with the answer: Not enough Vitamin D during the winter months.

May - Josee asked Royce, "What animal is the most 'instinct'." Royce started to name off behaviors, when Josee interrupted and said, "No, what dead animals?" Now Royce was really confused, till he realized she meant 'extinct', not 'Instinct.'

-The whole family including Gramma and Grandpa Wolter and close friends went to see Williamsburg, in Virginia. We had a fantastic time and were reminded of the lives they lived in colonial days and how they fought for freedom from England.

-Our friends, Bill and Agnes, have been married for 64 years and describe an agreement that was formed early in their marriage, "She always lets me have her own way." Take note.

Jun - The past tense of picnic is "Picnicked"

-We had a belated 50th Anniversary for Judy's parents (Jim and Doris Wolter) at our house. Their 50th was last year but Royce was still in the hospital recovering from his abdominal surgery. So, better late than never. There was an elegant array of food and a gorgeous gold leafed cake. The celebration included 150 of their friends. After the 50th we went to the Bahamas and stayed at Atlantas hotel. It is a phenomenal place, filled with swimming pools, slides, beach, gardens and aquariums that surpass any we've ever seen. The underground walkways include an archeological dig and we had to laugh when Josee asked to go through the "psychological" dig again. The only bad part of the trip was that Royce forgot his passport (and stayed two extra weeks). No, actually Judy inadvertently packed two of hers (including an outdated one). We told the customs guard we had a problem, Royce's hair all came back, and this time its long and curly? No, really, we did tell them we had a problem and due to our open honesty, they let him out of the country after much worrying on our part.

-Josee buys Jillee's birthday present at Walmart with Jillee's help. But when asked if that wouldn't spoil the surprise, Jillee replied, "I'm trying to forget."

-Jillee celebrates her 10" birthday party with all her girl friends over for a swim, some food and lots of fun.

July - Royce adds another candle to his birthday cake and Jillee's birthday prayer for him is, "Thank you that Daddy is 46 and help him not to be any older."

-Josee informs us that she was either going to be an artist or a baby sitter when she grows up. Then added or a nurse that works in the baby section.

-Jillee informs us that she is going to get married and have lots of babies. OooKkkk. Just a reminder, last year Jillee, you wanted us to help you choose a husband. We'll never forget that request!

-We all went to visit Papa and Gramee Bailey in Ojai, CA. Rik (Royce's brother), joined us too and we had a exceptionally good time. Rest, relaxation and being with family is always "a good thing."

-We added a new member to our household-"Marco Polo" a male cockatiel bird.

-Jillee starts harp lessons and gets her own lever harp. She plays "Jesus Loves Me" by week's end including a Chinese variation on the theme.

August - Whiskers our first guinea pig died in Jillee's arms. He was 6 years old (usual age is 34 yrs). We had a funeral in the yard for him with Pastor (Grandpa) Wolter officiating. During his prayer he blessed all the remaining animals, including "Aldo." In the middle of the prayer Judy asked, "Who is 'Aldo'7" He said, "You know, the new bird." She said, "You mean 'Marco'." What had been a very sad day turned into such laughter that he couldn't finish his prayer. Marco is also called "Aldo" to this day. We do have to watch this independent bird so that he doesn't fly down near the dogs or he will be "Alpo" (dog food).

-Josee had her ninth birthday party with girl friends at the house. After swimming and eating, they decided to swim again fully dressed. Their parents may never let them visit again.

-Jillee was baptized 8/14/99 by Grampa Wolter. Gramma Wolter, Papa and Gramee Bailey all took part in the service. Jillionna played the piano and harp, then stood at the podium and shared with us all why she loved Jesus. It was very touching to see a little girl proudly state her convictions.

September - It seems the more you hurry kids, the slower they go. This occurred again one afternoon and Judy told Royce, "Well, we know they won't grow up to be qualified for paramedics or first responders."

-Marco goes to school each day on Gramma Wolter's shoulder but recently has been banned from the classroom because he jumps down and chews on all the pencils, even while still in your hand trying to write.

-Royce, for the first time, hauls two harps to church for special music. It was in his prenuptial agreement that he would be the official harp mover. But two??

-Judy and the girls provide music for the Quiet Hour weekend in Atlanta. It was great to see friends from all over and learn what wonderful outreach the Quiet Hour is providing. From there we went to Disney World in Florida and met with the "Bailey Bunch" for a week of fun times, Sea World, EPCOT and hurricane Floyd. The latter did interrupt the trip for 2 days (everything was closed down), but we still had a good time reminiscing and just being together, and was it ever interesting to see how Disney prepares and protects their guests from hurricanes.

-Gramma Wolter had Marco on her shoulder and while putting away lunch he mysteriously disappeared. She looked high and low, while calling him-No response. She went to put the lettuce away in the refrigerator and out flew Marco scaring her to death.. He had hopped off her shoulder and into the refrigerator and was there about 10 minutes before she opened the door. Marco turns his head now and won't move whenever the refrigerator comes into view.

October - The TV show of our youth-Father Knows Best" has been changed. Royce has to mow our 4 acre lawn at least once a week and Jillee says, "Daddy mows best."

-Jillee takes part in her first communion and is thrilled.

-Aunt Cindee (Bailey) sent Josee her flute and Josee starts lessons. Royce sighs with relief as how would he carry three harps in one van?

-We were talking about what the word "inherit" means. Judy told the girls when we die the house will be sold and each will get half. Josee said, "Well, make sure it's an even number."

-One of Royce's deaf patients told him after seeing his primary physician, that he was told he had "psychotic" fingers. Royce explained that his fingers were blue and the doctor had really said "cyanotic" fingers.

November - We have gone to see Evangelist Doug Bachelor every night via satellite from New York at our church. He was down linked to 5500 sites around the world and on cable. Josee dedicated her life to Jesus and finished all the study materials. She will be baptized in February next year.

-Our dogs got in a big fight over some scraps of food. We just had finished watching the sermon on jealously and Jillee said, "Clifford (the dog) needs to pray and get over his jealously."." His eyelid was torn, but the girls doctored him daily until his eye was completely healed.

-It happened. Royce hauled three harps to Charlotte, NC for two performances on center stage at the Southern Christmas Show in the huge Merchant Mart. All three girls played Christmas music. Royce had no buttons left on his shirt as he was very proud. (Josee played Judy's lap harp).

-Royce speaks on our local radio station for 2 hours about Healthy Hearts and even took caller questions. He gave Chuck a health quiz (which Chuck failed). But many people learned new health principles on the most popular drive time radio show in Henderson County, "Chuck in the Afternoon". (Its the only afternoon radio show in the County).

-Judy releases her ninth harp album with Chapel Music "Praise Harp Collection, Vol. I" It is a remastered "best of' album Wow! Really sounds good.

-The girls built a gingerbread barn with animals and silo for the Grove Park Inn Gingerbread Contest. The three (ten and under year category) winners were not done by nine and ten year olds!

December - We got to watch four new guinea pig babies being born, thanks to Jillee's persistence. After the eighth time of asking when the babies would be born, Royce finally said, "I don't know, go ask Tiffany." And there they were being born. "When Daddy signs his name, he always writes M.D. That's so the people will know that he belongs to me. So M.D. means 'my daddy' or something just the same. And that is why he always puts those letters on his name. Some letters on his name are small, but these are not you see. He always writes them big like that, because he's so proud of me!