Christmas 1999



JANUARY The year brought its beginnings in California, celebrating the 40th birthday of Royce’s brother, Hal. We spent a week in the lovely surroundings of the Bailey Estate in Ojai doing what families do best—enjoying each other. Papa Bailey gave us a test the 8th graders could answer in the 1800’s. One question was “How did Columbus discover America?” Josee answered, “He sailed the wrong way.” Then said, “Why is everybody laughing?” She knows her stuff.

The return home came with a schedule and work routine for Royce, of which he says he can’t think of anything he’d rather be doing than Cardiology. Judy and her mother (Doris) continue to home school Jillionna and Josianne. Their days are packed full with the 3 R’s, music lessons (piano, harp, voice, hammered dulcimer and flute), art classes, bell choir, choir, horse back riding and taking care of 21 chickens, 5 goats, 4 horses, 2 dogs, 6 guinea hens, 3 turkeys, 2 peacocks, who knows how many rabbits and guinea pigs.

The girls played for their big piano recital with the Asheville Piano Teacher’s Guild. They continued Spanish lessons and Communication class with their homeschooled friends. (They learn how to write, type and publish a monthly newsletter).

Judy stays busy with harp and piano performances year round, but January is her official month off. (It never happens).

FEBRUARY saw a very long 24 hour day. After worship (we’ve finished reading the book “Patriarchs and Prophets” Vol.1 of the Conflict of the Ages Series), Juice and Josee went to the barn to do morning chores, they returned with the report that Mitzi, our favorite goat which we hand fed from birth last year, was going to have her first baby. Grandpa Wolter had a molar extracted with three roots. Dr. Steve Hildebrand, one of Royce’s partners, underwent a four hour surgery due to ice skating trauma to his left shoulder. Judy dropped the girls off at 3:00 pm for Communication Class then hurried home to meet Jackie and Bill Tucker from the Quiet Hour. Royce saw patients in the morning, put in a pacemaker, interviewed an Insurance man and interviewed two people for a lab position at the office. Royce hurried home from the office to drop off medicine for Jackie. Judy picked up the girls and took them to bell choir. Grandma and Grandpa Wolter arrived at bell choir with the report that Grandpa needed to go to his beekeeping class and Grandma needed stitches in her hand. After finding that Mitsy did have her baby, Sassy (the horse), knocked Grandma into the fence where she tore her 3rd and 4th fingers, requiring eight stitches. Upon arriving home, after bell choir and stitches, we immediately went to the barn to see Mitzi’s baby. It was very cold and windy and our electricity was off again. We bundled the baby up and put Mitzi and her baby (Henry) in the truck. Unknown to us, she hadn’t delivered her after birth, so she began that process in the truck. Since our electricity was off, we took the goats to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (since they have solar energy) to find a warm place for the newborn (their shower stall). As Royce carried Mitzi into the house and across the cream colored carpet, Judy tried to catch the after birth with a towel. The baby goat was too weak to nurse, so we milked Mitzi and proceeded to give the colostrum to the baby through one of the girl’s old baby bottles. We then fed Mitzi one bottle filled with a mixture of black strap molasses and water. Judy then left to go to the airport to pick up a friend at 10:00 pm. We were all worn out and the baby goat just fine. Thus, finishes our 24 hour day of 2/4/2002.

Judy is still recovering from over scheduling and said, after being invited to stay at a friends house, “I’d stay overnight, if I wasn’t so busy yesterday.” Judy is losing it.

Judy won another Angel Award ( Number eight for Judy. This time with the Rosewood Trio (Harp, Cello and Flute).

MARCH found us traveling up to 3ABN (Three Angels Broadcasting Network) for filming of Jillee and Josee on Kid’s Time. They performed many songs with various combinations of instruments/voice. Some of their friends went also, so it was a great social event.

The first rainbow of the year was seen 3/8/02. Grandpa Wolter is back in the bee business (after a 7 year absence) with two hives. We enjoy honey all year long.

As told to Royce in the ER by a very deaf patient that was having chest pain, “I’m having a castration next week.” “Don’t you mean a ‘catheterization’ of your heart,” Royce replied. “No,” insisted the patient, “My heart doctor is doing a castration on me next week.”

Another patient came to his appointment on his birthday and said, “I’m so old, I don’t care anymore as long as I’m on the ‘top’ side of the grass.”

Mitzi our beloved goat died on the 17th and Marco our cockateel died on the 21st. It was a very sad week.

APRIL took us to the Southern Union Camp, Cahutta Springs, where the girls (all three) and many friends provided music for the ASI (Adventist Services and Industries) meetings. The choir and instruments came too, what fabulous sounds we heard.

Pisgah Estates (Retirement Community) asked the girls (all three, with three harps) to play for them. This was the first time Jillee and Josee were paid to play their harps.

Judy received a sympathy card stating how sorry they were that her mother, Evelyn Wolter, had died and expressed how much they love Judy’s videos and music. (Judy’s mother is fortunately very much alive and we still don’t know who Evelyn is?).

The harp mobile (our 15 seater van without seats) broke down twice this month, stranding Judy along side the road. Her patience is being tested.

Later in the month we experienced a first. Josee’s mare, Sassy (Sassafras May Bailey) delivered her first foal (April 25), a filly (Raindrop Cassy May Bailey). Friends and family did an every hour check on Sassy’s progress throughout the night and at 6:00 am the event took place with all present and watching, 50 feet away.

The girls entered names for twin newborn bob-cats at the Nature Center, Asheville, NC and their names took second place. Female-Paris, Male-Kuntz Kitty.

MAY gave us another miracle with Jillee’s mare (Louisa May Alcott Bailey) giving birth to a filly (Ginger Snap Bailey) May 9. Louisa is an experienced mother and went ahead without us. What a shocking surprise we had when we saw Ginger for the first time: dry, standing up, and nursing her mother. We had planned to sell the fillies but Jillionna talked us into keeping Ginger for her 13th birthday present. She went to great lengths to make a point that 13 was a mile stone that would long be remembered with Ginger for keeps. Then if one girl keeps her filly you know how that goes.

Royce gave a week of health lectures at the Carolina Conference camp meeting at Lake Junaluska, NC. They were so informative and can be obtained at He also expanded his book-”You’ll Rust Out, Before You Wear Out, If...” for camp meeting. We thank God that he is so willing to share with others his health knowledge. When he finished on Friday we loaded the van and drove to Illinois for the weekend 3ABN camp meeting. Again the girls shared music and we all were blessed with the sermons and lectures provided, but, wow, was it hot!!!!!

Judy was asked out by a stranger who said, “You are the prettiest thing I have seen in a very long time.” Jillee and Josee thought this was hilarious! Royce said, “Do I need to get a gun?”

JUNE kept us busy with swimming lessons, VBS (Vacation Bible School) and braces. Jillionna turned 13 on the 19th.

Jilee had a lesson in short-hand. She said, “I’m doing my lesson in short-writing.”

A forgetful elderly patient told Royce, while trying to explain his problem, “I lost my train of thought. I’ll just catch the next train.”

Royce asked a patient’s husband if he would like to start a certain treatment. Before he could answer, his wife said yes he would. He looked at her with a funny look on his face and then she said, “My husband wears the pants in our family.” He grinned widely. She then continued, “But I wear the belt. He WILL start the treatment.” He moaned audibly.

Communication class has ended and Judy is happy to make one less car trip each week.

JULY found Judy in the recording studio making an album with the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble (4 harps).. The girls took an etiquette class with all their friends and know almost everything they need to know. We are now working on getting it from a knowledge level to a performance standard...

Judy’s new love is photography. We cleaned the old manual Nikon and Canon AE1. At this point, however, it is a love-hate relationship; in that she has experienced just about everything that can go wrong with her equipment, thus her pictures. She has captured several pictures that are of contest material (out of approximately 30 rolls of film). Her mentor (Wendy Newman, who took our Christmas picture this year), says you usually get 2 good pictures out of 40. Maybe next year Judy will fall into those ratios.

Grandpa Wolter put the horses in the lower field and reported that Graham Cracker wouldn’t go through the gate. Judy looked puzzled and he said, “you know, Louisa’s baby Graham Cracker.” Her name is Ginger Snap.

AUGUST saw Josianne turn 12 while on a fabulous cruise to Alaska. It started with a tour of Victoria, BC with Royce’s brother Hal’s family (Butchart Gardens and The Royal London Wax Museum). The celebration cruise was for Royce’s parent’s 50th wedding anniversary (Harold and Doralee). We are so proud of them! The whole Bailey Bunch came to celebrate and what a glorious time we had. Whales, food, icebergs, food, Juneau, food, Skagway, food, Whitepass Railway, food, Ketchikan, food, the Lumberman’s Show, food... Royce gained up to 224 pounds by the end of the trip. 9 years ago he weighed only 135 before his Crohn’s surgeries. It’s pretty amazing with no colon and a good part of his ileum missing that he still can gain any weight at all. He’s back to 205 now. The girls enjoyed their cousins, ages 2 and 4, and were quite the baby sitters while on the cruise. We spent the last weekend of our vacation at Hal and Jodi’s new Home in Spokane, WA, is it ever beautiful!

Can you believe we then went back to 3ABN for more filming of the girls. We are trying to capture their performances on TV as they appear each week, what a wonderful way to praise the Lord. Relaxation was around the corner at the Disney Hotel Resort, Hilton-Head, SC. A week with friends, bicycling, and the ocean was a welcomed reprieve.

Judy made a cake which looked more like a bubble-balloon cake than the usual circular form. Jillee said, “It’s OK mommy, it will taste better than it looks.”

SEPTEMBER flew us to the Grand Caymans for a week away. Rain was in the forecast as a Hurricane was passing through the Caymans. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as predicted and we renamed it a “rain-icane.” The snorkeling was fabulous and it sure was nice to see our Adventist friends on the island.

Grandma Wolter lost her hearing aid in the garden. We asked Grandpa Wolter when Grandma’s new hearing aids would come in? He answered, “Walmart.” Time for the ear wax removal in both of them. Another example of the fun we have--we were discussing leaving the stumps in the ground from the old dead trees we had cut down. Grandma said, “Why are we clearing the skunks.” Again, “Do you want some ‘jam’?” asked Josee. “I don’t eat ‘ham’!” reported Grandma.

Art class has started for Jillee and Josee. They love it and their favorite subjects to draw are horses and dogs.

OCTOBER took us on a transportation field trip to Atlanta with some friends. We took the Amtrak to Atlanta, a taxi to the rental car, rental car all over Atlanta (mostly the Zoo, Cyclorama and Stone Mountain), dropped off the car at the airport, got on the Marta, took the Marta to the city bus, the bus back to Amtrak, and the Amtrak home. It was a great weekend of learning and experiencing new avenues of getting around.

Judy had an upcoming wedding she needed to practice for and Jillee says, “Oh Mommy, do it when we go to bed, I love it when you lull us to sleep with your harp music.”

Overheard from a 2 year old, “T’tant eat without the rug under my plate!” A placemat was quickly supplied and he was happy.

The girls love telling jokes. Why do seagulls always fly toward the ocean? Because if they flew toward the Bay, they’d be called “Bagels.”

Royce and Judy celebrate 17 years of marriage. Judy says she just about has Royce broken in.

NOVEMBER kept us at home as Judy’s holiday harping schedule started. We hosted our 3th annual Thanksgiving dinner at our church on Thanksgiving day. What a blessing friendship is for all of us. We usually have between 45 to 55 people.

The girls played for Royce’s Office party and Royce read a Christmas Story. When asked what does Royce play with all this talent in the family, he replies, “I’ve played the radio since I was five.”

Royce’s hair is starting to turn gray. A bald church member said, “Don’t worry about your hair turning gray. Worry about it turning loose.”

Josee sliced the tip of her thumb on the dog food can lid and required 7 stitches. Judy did the same thing last year. Like mother, like daughter.

Our little babies are growing up with Jffiee 5’2¼” and Josee 5’2”.

DECEMBER brought many festivities, concerts, and togetherness. Judy couldn’t remember where she had hidden some of the girl’s Christmas gifts. Josee said, “Tell me what it is and I’ll tell you where I’ve seen it.”

Royce continues to give monthly health lectures from the latest medical literature. The typed lectures will be future chapters in his update book.

Royce had no idea what he gave Judy for Christmas. She made the purchase, wrapped it, and placed it under the tree. Royce was the only one surprised, because everyone else in the house knew what it was. It was candlesticks for the dining room table.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and God’s richest blessings of joy, peace, and love during these uncertain times.

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