Christmas 1999



JANUARY 2003 January found us in California celebrating Harold Bailey’s 80th birthday. (Royce’s father). He looks great and must be feeling well, too, as he and Doralee energetically celebrated the big event. Royce’s extended family was there, also, and after experiencing the stomach flu together we feel bonded for good. Upon returning home, Judy told Royce to watch her purse, while in the airport. “I still have prunes in there.” We’re to the age that that is funny.

Judy tries to find good hiding places to keep the girls from eating the gingerbread candy. “Josee come quick,” cried Jillee, “I’ve found the jackpot.” The girls (Jillee and Josee) had again found where Judy had hidden the many assortments of colorful candy.

Judy recounts the story of being tired and Royce just says, “A-huh.” So she creates a word picture for him. Royce comes into the office and opens the exam door and Judy is sitting inside. She tells him she’s tired and wonders why? “You need more Synthroid,” he immediately responds. (Judy’s had most of her thyroid removed for cancer in 1984.) “So why didn’t you tell me that months ago,” Judy retorted. Royce just looked blank. Judy related this story to Doralee and Harold Bailey (Royce’s parents). Doralee turns to Harold (retired surgeon) and says, “Why am I so tired?” He says, “Because you’re old.”

FEBRUARY We had twin baby goats, “Junior” and “Magee.” The girls wasted no time dressing them up in their baby clothes and wheeling them around in a baby buggy and taking them for tractor rides.
Royce is still learning the southern way of speaking. He over heard a nurse say in the Operating Room, “Bless your heart and other vital parts.” The patient was getting his prostate removed.

The animals needed to be fed on a snowy day. Josee said, ”Don’t make Daddy go down to the barn, He’s too old,” Royce says he has too much gray in his hair. Judy replies, “Oh no, I love the ‘extinguished’ look. No dusting required.”

One of Royce’s patients commenting on losing his memory, said, “My mind works like lightning. One brilliant flash and it’s gone.”

MARCH Rosco, our hunting dog, killed Junior (the goat). We had to put Rosco to sleep the next day. All of us were in mourning. Once a dog gets the taste of blood...

One of Royce’s patients complained that her husband always has a phone attached to his ear. During a family picture he was told to look natural, so he put his hand up to his ear and smiled.

Our Pastor’s wife, Sharon, broke her leg skiing. Her three year old grand daughter said she would read to her, during her recovery, from the Bible. Sharon knowing she can’t read yet, asked where she was reading from? “I’m reading from George 1:9,” she proudly said.

Medical literature reports that having a pet dog can add years to your life. One of Royce’s staff at the office has a Rat Terrier. She says this dog has taken years off her life.

APRIL We went looking for a new dog for Jillee and came home with a male husky mix. Jillee named him “skipper.” But when we got him home we found that he was a she! So Jillee named her, “Skip-her.” We also found, for Judy, a beautiful one year old golden retriever that needed a new home. Judy has always wanted a “golden.” Her name is Isabel, because she acts so royal.

“Do you get fur from skunks?” “Sure do, as ‘fur’ as possible.”

Josee beat Judy in arm wrestling for the first time. Maybe Judy needs more ‘prunes’.

The girls advance to adult bell choir and traveled to Florida for a concert. They traveled with some dear friends and they all wore their matching army fatigue outfits. As the girls walked down the street the girls were saluted many times and many comments were overheard such as, “my, the military is taking them younger and younger.” One convenience store clerk asked Judy, “are they on active duty?” Judy responded, “they are all very active.”

We’re having strange weather here in Western North Carolina: Snow in the second week of April, an earthquake is felt from 280 miles away, originating in AL, six inches of hail come rolled off our roof, accumulating by our kitchen window, in one storm, and ten inches of rain fell the same week.

We adventured on a canoe trip and managed not to tip over, but Royce and Judy ended up with all kinds of interesting, natural paraphernalia in their canoe (tree branches, lizards, mud bank, etc.) Our wonderful friends were very patient with our inexperience. Grandma and Grandpa Wolter tipped over in waist deep water. We were thankful Grandma had removed her hearing aids before the trip or we’d have never found them. They were good sports. Soaked to the skin they got back in the canoe and continued. Jillee and Josee showed courage and strength with their canoeing endeavor.

The end of April took us to Chicago where Royce attended the American College for Cardiology Meetings and we dropped off Judy’s harp to be regulated. Royce attended the seminars while the three girls toured Lyon and Healy (the world headquarters of the harp manufacturer) and Judy pursued the music department for literally hours. They had lunch at the American Girl Place, which was an experience long to be remembered, everything was perfect. They visited the Oceanarium and the Chicago museum. At the end of the meetings we picked up the harp and headed the 13 hours for home.

We returned home to throw a birthday party for Josee’s Appaloosa yearling, Cassy. It was complete with homemade horse biscuits (for humans or for animals) and a cake with a molasses topping.

MAY Grandpa Wolter commented on Jillee’s and Josee’s dessert after dinner one night, “It’s musty.” To the relief of Jillee and Josee, he continued, “I musty have more.”

Sam Caldemeyer, age 8, told his mom that he liked her strawberry jam best. When asked why, he said, “because you put little nuts in your jam.” (Those are strawberry seeds.)

The girls voice teacher, Mr. Don, whom the girls love and adore, asked his students, (that includes: Jillee, Josee, Laricia, Michael and Matthew--all Seventh-day Adventists) to sing for his Sunday Church; on that day they “read everyone’s name who has died and gone to heaven,(so they say).” Josee turned to Laricia and said, “Well, that will be zero.” Eccl 9:5; II Thess 4:13-17 (in other words; the dead are asleep, not in heaven, until Jesus comes again.)

We celebrated Josee’s horse turning a year old, so we followed suit for Jillee’s yearling. Ginger had a great party complete with “bales of hay” treats made out of Rice Krispies and tied with red licorice. Jillionna braided Ginger’s mane and decorated it with pink and purple flowers.

Jillionna and Josianne played hand bells in the Western North Carolina Bell Festival. What a fabulous sound with over 200 hand bells ringing together.

The family ventured to West Frankfurt, Illinois again for the Three Angel’s Broadcasting (3ABN) camp meeting special. The three girls were involved in an hour long “Kid’s Time,” live television performance. The harp, dulcimer and flute were part of the cargo. With some of their friends they praised the Lord with singing and instruments.

Jillee and Josee are in a photo club and are admiring the ability of photographers, as they see some of the challenges in taking pictures. Of course, their first love for subject matter is their animals, which, by nature, do not cooperate well. The girls especially enjoy the finished product and are developing a love for the art of photography.

JUNE Jillee had her 14th birthday party on the 19th. She celebrated it with a few friends and a swimming party.

Swimming lessons begin and so do rehearsals for Royce’s surprise 50th birthday celebration. A wonderful friend, Dianne Wagner wrote a script for “A Time Line Through History” which culminated in 1953, Royce’s appearance on the scene of this world. The children depicted each part of history in full costume: pilgrims/Indians, Williamsburg, river people, pioneers and wagons west, Civil War, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, and Ellen White. Royce was truly surprised with the big bash which was decorated in Western style and celebrated with 130 friends. Grandma Wolter made Twenty bales of hay were brought into the fellowship hall, of our church, to serve the food on, a stage was built and decorated with split rale fencing by Dr. David Wagner. Grandpa Wolter brought all his father’s antique items which added charm to the usually bare hall. Fifty poster size pictures of Royce from age one to present, decorated the walls, along with, at least, a hundred and fifty ribbons which Royce won as a teenager, showing horses. As the comments went, “It was the party of the century!”

Royce asked “Bea,” a six year old party goer, if she would ever keep a secret from him again? She put her hands on her hips and said, “Only if it is important.”

Royce asked Jillee how the book “Black Stallion” compared to the video. “In the book,” Jillee said,”the Black Stallion is placed back in his stall and lives happily until the next book.”

Nelly, part Belgium and part quarter horse, comes to join our two pregnant mares and two yearlings.
The girls were telling Grandma Wolter about the western saddle. Grandma Wolter said, “I thought you liked the eastern saddle the best.” “That’s the ‘English’ saddle, Grandma,” Jillee said.

JULY The airlines take us to California to celebrate Royce’s 50th with his family. Doralee gave Royce a party by their lovely pool, complete with beautiful decorations and a catered veggie barbeque. All of Royce’s brothers and sister with their children, and close friends, were there to celebrate. It was a fabulous party! Yes, we are happy that Royce has been with us for fifty years despite his Crohn’s disease and ileostomy. God is so good.

A busy Sabbath on the 26th. The three girls played 2 harps, flute and hammered dulcimer for prelude music for church at 9:10-9:30am. Judy told her weekly “Mrs White felt story,” in Young Disciples Sabbath School class (ages 10-14) and Royce taught the lesson. Judy and Alicia Crabtree played piano and organ duets before church, during offertory and for the postlude. We then had an Elder’s potluck. During the afternoon we celebrated Judy’s Birthday at the Crabtree’s home. Then back to church for vespers at sunset (8:39pm), where Jillee and Josee lead the song service. Then we loaded up the four instruments in our harp mobile (15 seater van without three of the benches) and headed home by 9:30pm.
Royce had placed in the church bulletin, for the weekend of Judy’s birthday, that we were celebrating Judy’s 29th birthday, again. Wayne Whary from church said, “29th to what power, Judy?”
The girls are developing their teaching skills as they each assume responsibility for a group of children at Vacation Bible School.

AUGUST We celebrated Josee’s 13th birthday with a swimming party with all her friends.
We went to Orlando, Fl to check out all the water parks. Wet and Wild, Water Mania and the two Disney parks. We visited Arabian Nights (home of the black stallion) and Dixie Stampede. Royce and Judy got home thoroughly tired and the girls were ready for more.

Royce commenting to one of his heart failure patients, said, “How’s your breathing?” The patient answered,”I’m still doing it!” This same patient was told to watch his food intake and he said, “I watch every bite I eat, as it goes in my mouth.”

The girls let the birds out of their chicken pen during the day to peck around the barnyard. We put them back at night to prevent the foxes from getting them. The male peacock usually doesn’t want to go back in the pen. So Jillee began, daily, catching him by his long tail feathers and dragging him backwards into the enclosure. Until one day, she grabbed him and only got a hand full of tail feathers. After that the poor peacock would strut and fan his five remaining tail feathers and would cause laughter from whomever saw him. Our Christmas decoration theme this year is patterned after those peacock feathers.

One of the girl’s friends said, “Never fight with a woman, because you’ll always lose,”-- John Wagner, age 14.

SEPTEMBER The Hendersonville Church Youth, entered a float in the “King Apple Festival Parade,” inspired by Dianne Wagner and won first place. Jillee was dressed as a pioneer lady in the covered wagon and Josee as a Southern Civil War soldier. Josee was in the scene with her friend Dianne Michelle dressed as a Northern soldier. Someone asked them why they were together since the north and south are such enemies. Josee answered that the war was over and the North and South are friends.

An 80 year old patient told Royce about a encounter with her primary care doctor. She told him that her left arm hurt. The doctor told her, “it was old age” that caused her left arm to hurt. She replied, “But Doc, my right arm is the same age and it doesn’t hurt?”

Grandma Wolter has two hearing aids. They work pretty well most of the time. Grandpa Wolter has two hives of honey bees. He said he was going to, “rob the bees” and collect some of the honey. Grandma answered, “Why are you going to hug the trees.”

The girls start their 8th home schooled year, with Grandma Wolter and Judy again sharing classes.
We spend our annual week with the Crabtrees at Sea Pines, Hilton Head, SC. Everything was perfect about the vacation except that Grandma Wolter again declared that she had ridden a bike for the last time. She lost her balance, fell off her bike on uneven pavement and scraped the skin off her knee. Once home, Grandpa Wolter dressed her knee, because she was so stiff. Upon placing the ointment on the raw skin abrasion Grandma started to scream. “It didn’t hurt like that the last time you dressed my knee,” Grandma cried. After Grandpa had removed the cream and the pain had subsided, they looked at the ingredients that had caused so much distress and discovered that he had used “anti-wrinkle” cream, not antibiotic cream. Her knee miraculously healed in two days and to this day there are no wrinkles on that knee.

We went back to Port Royal on Hilton Head Island for a weekend retreat for Park Ridge Hospital two weeks later. Before leaving we took Judy’s Golden Retriever to be bred for the first time.

Royce overheard on talk radio that a man is considered #1 in the life of his woman, but women rate from 1 to 5 in a man’s priority, because of job and other stressors. Judy accepts that because she realizes the public gets the best part of Royce and she gets what is left over. The next day, Judy bought a $400 dress, that had been marked down several times, for $75. When showing it to Royce, she said, “Isn’t it pretty?” Royce very tired from work, replied, “Did you need it?” Later, wanting confirmation, Judy said again, “Isn’t this new dress beautiful.” Royce had seen the tag on the dress and said, ”Can you get in it.” Now, Royce is really in the dog house. Royce’s comment was because the tag said “size 5" and Judy has always, for over 20 years, worn a size 8. Judy was upset at him and said, “I wouldn’t have bought it if I couldn’t get into it.!” Judy said that the tag says “S” for small. You tell us what you think?

The next day Judy entered five photo prints of the family into different categories in the North Carolina Mountain State Fair. Later that evening Royce came home from the hospital and reported that Dr. Steve Bonney (a relative by marriage) had entered five pictures too, and that would knock Judy down a notch in the standings for a ribbon. “Excuse me,” Judy says. “Steve’s a great photographer and has all the newest toys,” Royce replied. Judy was telling these stories to some of her friends and one said, ”so when is the divorce?” Another one said, “forget the divorce, when’s his funeral?” Judy won three blue ribbons and one second place.

OCTOBER On the 6th, Royce and Judy celebrated their 6574th day of marriage. Yes, their 18th anniversary. Judy forgivingly and lovingly remarked to Royce, “and we’ve never had a fight.” Royce replied,”none that I have ever won.”

Grandma Wolter was overheard explaining to a friend, “I need some flatware for the computer so that I can design my own dress patterns.” “I think you mean - software.” Josee said.

We’re cleaning out the craft drawer and have passed a new rule: no new projects, until all of the paint-by number, bead pictures, hooked rugs, etc are completed. Since then the kitchen table is so full we have no place to eat.

Royce was calling for the offering in church and telling everyone how we should be thankful--“Our two horses are pregnant, our golden retriever is pregnant and Judy isn’t.”

Royce was the guest speaker at the Physician’s Retreat for the Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists at Camp Sable in Grayling, MI.. The three girls provided lovely music for the weekend and we all were rejuvenated by the beautiful surroundings.

We had two sets of twin goats on October 19 (Grandpa Wolter’s Birthday). That swells the goat population at the Bailey farm to 12. Other animals include: rabbits 16, chickens 32, turkeys 3, peacocks 4, guineas 5, dogs 3. Our last pair of guinea pigs didn’t make it through the summer.

Isabel, our Golden Retriever, ate half a pound of rat poison. Royce was putting the other half of the poison up in the attic for the little pattering of feet (mice) we keep hearing at night. Isabel got 75 mg of vitamin K twice a day, for 21 days–what will this do to the puppies? -- One eye and three tails?

NOVEMBER The girls (the three J’s) went to a birthday party at Hollywild Animal Park in Inman, SC. Royce was on call and can’t go that far away. Josee said, “But it won’t be any fun without you, Daddy!” I thought teenagers didn’t want parents to be around their friends at this age?

We now have four riding horses with the addition of “Easy,” a buckskin gelding, from the Hildebrands (Royce’s partner). The girls have taken riding lessons on “Easy” several years ago. Easy is actually for Judy. We got him for her, even though she says she didn’t want a horse, so we could all ride together. Royce said, “He’s pretty short.” (About 13-3 hands) Josee added, “That’s good, because it’s not as far for Mommy to fall.”

We had our Bailey sponsored Annual Thanksgiving Potluck at Church with over 50 people attending. Judy, as usual, made her veggie turkey (looks like a real cooked bird) for everyone to enjoy.

DECEMBER The girls traveled to Hollywild with friends again, to feed the animals and see the pretty lights. Royce got to go this time, too. Jillee and Josee have grown taller than Grandma Wolter. Jillee is 5'3¾”and Josee is 5'4" tall.

Royce was scrapping the ice/snow off the windshield of the harp mobile (two harps were going to church) and slipped on the ice and cracked his head. Only a concussion and whiplash ensued, no stitches. Judy kept wanting to shine a bright light into his eyes to check his pupils, asked questions to ascertain his level of consciousness, along with regularly checking his hand grips. Once a nurse always a nurse..

Isabel gave birth to nine normal golden retriever babies on the 20th, just before Christmas--what were we thinking when we bred her? The puppies are all normal and healthy, with sweet little pink, plump bellies.
Judy played the harp more than usual this season and tried to get things done around the house in between concerts, but was seen mostly holding puppies and watching admiringly God’s natural instincts placed in these animals.

This New Year please remember with us to, “Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Jesus Christ for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18.

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