Christmas 1999



We are enjoying all the newsy letters telling about the events in your lives; how we wish a personal visit with each one of you was possible.

JANUARY 2004 The new year found us celebrating, in California, with Royce’s family, absorbing the wonderful sunlight and warm family ties. The return home quickly molds us into the routine of life: 9th grade, orthodontist appointments, piano lessons, flute lessons, harp lessons, voice lessons, choir, bells, photo club, youth symphony for Jillionna.

Royce was so proud of one of his patients that had lost 43 pounds. She said to her friend, “You can have anything in my house, except my husband and my treadmill.”

Royce finds Judy sitting on the couch in the middle of the day (very unusual) enjoying a golden retriever puppy in her arms. If you remember we had nine pups on December 20, 2003. They have taken over our laundry room and would be outside in the garage if it wasn’t so cold.

Our friend’s five year old grandson asked his grandmother, “Why is my nose stuffed up? Do I have diarrhea?”

FEBRUARY Judy’s mother is such a blessing with teaching skills of 30 years, so we are home schooling again this year, as per Jillee’s and Josee’s request. It allows flexibility in the school schedule, so a trip to Branson with Doralee and Harold, Royce’s parents, gave a nice reprieve. Thank you Papa Bailey for treating us to all the food and sites. We reveled in the wonderful musical talent and fun spirit of the Ozark Mountains. Jillionna and Josianne were enthralled with the sounds of Branson and have come home wanting to take guitar and banjo lessons. Josianne found Royce’s 40 year old banjo in the basement, had it re-strung, taught herself to play and is now playing in the “Appalachian Praise” band, as seen on 3ABN ( Jillionna is playing the guitar and even doing duets with Josianne (on the banjo) for various programs in the area. Jillionna plays the hammered dulcimer so well; her music adds so much to the “Appalachian Praise” band. The girls continue their “classical instruments” too. The joke is that their shoes are off for the bluegrass sound and they put them back on for the classical tunes.

Many of our friends are trading their spouses for new ones. Royce said, “I’m keeping Judy, I don’t want to have to learn new house rules over again.” Judy says she just about has Royce house trained. And how do couples stay together for over 50 years? Royce’s parents are an example. Doralee talking said, “Harold, what do you think?” Harold responds, “I didn’t hear a word you said, you talk too much.”

A patient told Royce, “It takes a dozen sheep to make a sweater.” I didn’t know sheep could knit?

MARCH The girls took a computer class at Blue Ridge Community College and enjoyed developing a power point presentation. This is a class provided by a grant for homeschoolers. A parent is required to accompany the students and it’s a good thing, because Judy needs the girl’s help. Ha Ha! Josee complained that she couldn’t get anything done in computer class because of having to help Judy.

We made a trip up to 3ABN to do some filming for “Kid’s Time” and “Kids Time Praise,” with some dear friends. The three girls (includes Judy) played several trio tunes and various combinations of instruments (harps, dulcimer, flute, piano and banjo). It is wonderful to be able to share their talents with others, and 3ABN is now in over 150 countries.

Royce forgot his lab coat. He left it hanging on the kitchen chair. Josee asked, “Why did daddy leave his lab coat?” Jillee replied, “Because he’s a man.”

The golden puppies are moved to the garage. Judy has her laundry room back-yeh.

APRIL Judy continues to play with the Blue Ridge Harp Ensemble, Hendersonville Symphony and Rosewood Trio. She is always practicing for some upcoming performance and truly enjoys every minute.
We celebrated Judy’s 30th high school reunion at Newbury Park, CA. It unexpectedly became a bittersweet celebration as she recounted all the happy memories of her brother Jimmy, while at academy together. It was great to see classmates and friends again, some for the first time since graduation. The vacation also allowed us to spend some time with Doralee and Harold in Ojai and make more happy family memories.

We made another trip to 3ABN for more filming of instrumental music and with the girl’s “Appalachian Praise” band. Our car can almost make the trip on cruise control.

One of Royce’s pacemaker patients thought she was going to die. Her husband, believing, as we do, that the dead in Christ will rise again at the second coming of Jesus, said, “Then you’d just take a little dirt nap.” She did fine.

When at Prayer Meeting the prayer requests got lengthy, the girls wanted to leave. Judy told them only five more minutes then it would be over and they could go home. After five minutes they asked again to go home. Judy said, “That wouldn’t be polite.” They leaned back and said, “But Exodus 20 says you shouldn’t bear false witness, you lied, you said we could go after five minutes.” Judy leaned over and said, “I’ll ask for forgiveness.”

We’ve sold the last of the golden retriever puppies and everyone is sad.

MAY We are anxious to wrap-up the school year and have a habit of finishing every word in all the books. I’m glad the girls have that trait of character to complete what they start.

The girls made another trip to 3ABN to film 32 songs with the “Praise Hymn” Choir. It was a fabulous experience and all the children had a Bible text to share with each song. While at 3ABN, Josee’s mare (Sassy) delivered a beautiful brown and white paint filly and we couldn’t wait to get home. Royce manned the farm while we were away and couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the mare and her filly running up the meadow later that evening. He had just seen the mare fully pregnant an hour before.

Judy said during a theological discussion, “State of the dead,” and Grandpa Wolter heard, “Satan’ in bed.” We laughed till we forget what we were talking about.

Friends were over and Royce asked, “Where are the girls?” One of their male friends said, “Upstairs grooming themselves.”

One of Royce’s patients got the girls a violin to fiddle on and a mandolin. They both are quick learners on new instruments, however, we plan no lessons for these “just for fun” instruments.

JUNE Jillee started guitar lessons and Josee started banjo lessons. The girls are now also taking lessons in sewing, and organ. Yes, they still have time for their animals-horses, goats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, guineas and peacocks. They started to ride their two year old mares for the first time (Cassy and Ginger Snap). They have broken these horses themselves (to break a horse, is to train it to ride), with minimal help from Royce. Our goal is to keep them so busy that they stay out of trouble.

Our Carolina Camp Meeting was wonderful and the three girls did their part with music. We’ve lost our minds, and we went back up to 3ABN (fourth time this year) for their camp meeting (third year in a row). Jillee (dulcimer) and Josee (banjo) played in Southern Illinois on live TV, with their friends, the Wagners, in the “Appalachian Praise” band. Royce asked out loud, “Tell me why we have three concert grand harps at home?”

Jillee’s mare (Louisa) surprised us with a 12 months gestation (horses pregnancy is 11 months) and delivered a healthy and beautiful black and white paint filly at 5:00 PM. This gave us the opportunity to not only see the delivery but also invite all our friends to experience the miracle.

Jillee had her 15th birthday party. Wow, she has grown too fast.

The baby horses were born eight days apart. We lost a peacock to the red fox. Both girls are driving Royce’s truck around the property (to the barn and to the Wolters).

Royce and Judy celebrate their first date, which was on June 22, 1983, in Loma Linda, CA. We had Chinese food that first night, Royce remembers.

Our friends celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. They had decided before marriage that he would make all the big decisions and she would make all the little ones. He relates the reason for their 50 year together is that he has never had to make a big decision. Judy asked, “In 50 years, were there no major decisions? The answer is, “Men are left brain and women are right brain, and if you disagree you have no brain.”

JULY Isabel, our golden retriever, surprised us with three “randomly bred” puppies, but so cute. Who said you can’t get pregnant through a chain link fence?

Jillee and Josee wanted to paint the pool changing rooms in an under water theme. So Judy taught them how to paint in the garage–you can’t mess up a garage. From there, they faux finished the walls in the pool rooms, in cool water colors complete with fish, light houses, sea animals and plants. It is spectacular! This project was finished just in time for our annual Fourth of July party. This year we celebrated with 125 friends, complete with a full blown fireworks spectacular–the whole valley enjoyed the display.

After painting the garage, the girls took their paint brushes and started in on the family room. Judy decided to test Royce’s color discernment. She has always maintained that since Royce can’t dress himself (choose the right combinations and colors) that he is color blind. She had four color matches for the wall. She asked, “Which is the closest to the wall color?” Royce picked one over the others. Jillee said they were all the same color. The colors were exactly the same, thus, confirming that Royce is color blind. Judy said. “Its OK, I still love you.”

Our pastor, in his sermon, asked a rhetorical question, “Who owns your life?” Judy leaned over to Royce and said, “3ABN.”

Jillee’s first harp wedding processional and Josee’s first harp wedding recessional occurred in a local Methodist church. The girls were thrilled to be asked to perform. Congratulations Ken and Mehri.
Several of the goats got sick, we treated them with worming medicine; all survived but ‘Tommy,” a six month old. The Spanish Boar herd is 14 goats strong.

Classy, Josee’s two month old filly, decided to run into the barn ladder (nailed to the wall) and cut open her right shoulder, requiring 19 stitches. There goes any profit.

We babysat our friend’s indoor Maltese dog-“Shadow” for a week. She is so cute and smart.

Royce asks one of his heart patients, “How’s your breathing?” He answers, “I don’t know, but I’m still doing it!”

AUGUST Josee got a new open hole flute (for her 14th birthday), which, through the process of elimination, was chosen specially for her.

Jillee received her driver’s permit and has only taken out two flower pots; that was while driving the blue harp mobile.

We spent a wonderful weekend at Stone Mountain, GA, with friends and we reveled in the history, beauty, and refreshing nature of God’s creation.

One of Royce’s patients came to the office complaining of having fallen off his new ladder. He says the moral of the story is, “Don’t take the fifth step on a four step ladder.” Overheard from one of the patients: “Don’t think of it as getting hot flashes. Think of it as your inner child playing with matches.” Another patient said, “It’s hard to grow old, but I’m glad to have the privilege.”

We lost another guinea hen to the fox family. We now have two. We started the year with seven of these ugly faced, beautifully feathered birds. The girls let the chickens, guineas, turkeys and peacocks out during the day and herd them back in at night, but some of them at times are stubborn and won’t go back into their enclosure. Sometimes we have no cooperation from our daughters in making sure the birds are all back in and the next morning they end up missing. The girls get up at 6:00 am each day to get their barn duties done before worship, breakfast and then school at 8:00 am.

SEPTEMBER After a busy wedding season for Judy, on the harp, we traveled to Orlando with Judy’s parents (Jim and Doris Wolter) and special friends to relax and enjoy the Disney experience. We were out at sun-up and saw all the beautiful fireworks in the evening. It was a great vacation even though we started a day late due to the hurricanes. A big thank you to Grandpa Wolter for helping us with fallen trees, yard duty and fencing repair post hurricanes.

The three girls entered many photos in the North Carolina Mountain State Fair. They each received several firsts, seconds and thirds. Josee won best picture of the show for her age group. While Judy won Judges Choice for adult non-professionals, selected out of over one hundred pictures.

Mondays are always the toughest school days for the girls to concentrate. Judy told Royce after a very difficult day, “If I have another day like tomorrow, I’ll turn in my motherhood button.” Royce remembers hearing his mom tell his dad (four kids), “If you come home and see a pile of bones on the front porch, I’ve eaten the children.”

The girls are arguing about who will get what, when we are placed in the a nursing home. They have decided that Jillee gets the house and Josee gets the junk in the house.

Royce’s nephew (age four) had been naughty and was asked to choose his punishment. “Christian, do you want timeout or a spanking?” His quick reply was, “Is there a third choice?”

OCTOBER Judy and Royce celebrated 19 years together-October 6. Royce said back then, that he wanted to get married because he was tired of finishing his own sentences.

Royce walked past the girls rooms and remembered when he would hear Josee telling a story to herself (she was always an orphan). Jillee would be singing. Now we hear the girls playing banjo and guitar as we get ready for bed.

Royce gave the medical lectures at the Southern Union of Seventh-day Adventist Medical and Dental Meetings in Gatlinburg, TN. Six hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) was definitely exhilarating. He did a great job; these lectures can be obtained through American Cassette Ministry (

Judy is a board member of Park Ridge Hospital, so we went to the annual planning sessions in Hilton Head, SC. It was stimulating and also offered relaxation. We were able to spend time with friends and enjoyed the Sabbath out on the ocean in their spacious sailboat.

Josianne auditioned on the flute for the Buncombe/Asheville Youth Symphony. The night before her audition she said, “If I’m dead in my bed come morning, you’ll know I died of fright.” She was accepted. You should have heard the screams of excitement. Jillionna is their principle harpist and loves playing with a full orchestra. She also plays with the Blue Ridge Civic Orchestra which is composed of very talented adults. This year she played, “Waltz of the Flowers,” along with other tunes for their Christmas concert.

NOVEMBER The girls played a four hands piano duet-“Simple Gifts” and a church member said, “that sounded like 20 fingers!”

We hosted our 12th annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the church and enjoyed the largest number of guests yet. We like to keep the family atmosphere, just like at home, and even had the children play after dinner music.

Judy starts her busy harping season. She plays at churches, symphonies and the “Biltmore House” (multiple times).

All the windows on Royce’s truck were iced up one morning, when Royce was ready to leave for work. Judy’s parents were re-doing their driveway, so their cars were in our driveway. You can guess the rest. Royce rolled over the side of one of the extra cars. There was no damage to his truck, but major damage to the wayward car. Royce said, “They bend so easily!” We’re doing our part to help the local economy.

One of Royce’s patients asked the new allergy doctor for help. “What kind of allergy are you experiencing?” asked the Doc. The patient said, “I have an allergy to work. Can you write me a excuse note.” The same patient came to the office with his index finger wrapped up in a large band-aid. He had a large cut on his finger and said he was, “allergic to knives.”

“How do you treat shingles,” Royce was asked. Grandma Wolter answered before he could, “With a hammer.”

DECEMBER We enjoyed a family tradition and this year instead of journeying through “Walk Through Bethlehem,” we were part of the cast. Since Royce was on-call he couldn’t be included so we kept him in suspense, not telling him which part each one of us had. It was great watching his eyes as he recognized each one of us in full costume. Judy was Miriam, Jillee was the woman at the well, Josee was a shepherd girl, Grandpa Wolter was a carpenter, and Grandma Wolter was a beggar. One of our friends was so nervous in his part, that when asked if baby Jesus might be a girl, he answered, “The baby was a girl.” The parts were not only a lot of fun but reminded us of the ultimate gift that God gave each one of us and more vividly portrayed the fulfillment from Bethlehem to Calvary.

Grandma Wolter made the “Dickens” costumes for our annual “Christmas Picture” this year; she creates so many wonderful memories with her sewing machine.

Grandma Wolter complained that Grandpa Wolter lost her Christmas gift. He had hidden it away for Christmas. He says, “No, I didn’t lose it. I just can’t find it.” He still hasn’t found it.

So it goes in the Bailey household this year. May your new year be enriched with heavenly blessings. We love you all.

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